Looking for a temporary squad

Good day,


I'm a long time player of War Thunder since the beta phase. I've seen this game evolve from the 20 level ranking (and everyone playing Arcade) up onto the game we have today. 

I used to be a very active player, but due to me finding a time costly job I rarely pick up a game today + I got sucked into the second space job that's called EVE Online.

Due to the recent COVID19 outbreak, I'm looking for a temporary squad to keep me occupied until the outbreak passes. Just for playing random battles in group. 

Once it passes I'm active one or twice every two weeks. 


I'm a 23 y/o male from Belgium. My skills have wimpled away over the years though, it needs some polishing. 


  • Modes you play RB
  • Type of vehicles you like playing the most Air/Ground
  • Preferred nations GB > German > Russian > USA > French > Japanese
  • Preferred game servers NA/EU
  • Your age 23 y/o
  • Preferred language Dutch or/and English
  • Preferred controller type Mouse + Keyboard
  • Timezone / available playing times 6 - 9 PM Brussels Time Zone
  • Preferred communication platform Teamspeak, Mumble or Discord
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Wolfpack is a friendly squadron that competes in squadron battles the emphasis is NOT a win at all costs scenario, but to enjoy War Thunder in a friendly but competent manner.  We have arcade, realistic and simulator players.  All members must be 18+ years of age and command a reasonable understanding of English.  Furthermore, all players must be using team speak with a working microphone (“push to talk” sho uld be enabled).  If you are interested in joining then visit us on team speak, our server address is:  (poke someone to get some attention).


More here


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