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GTX 960 4Gb - Which settings should I use? OC?

Greetings from Romania!
I am a newbie, level 8, and I just love to play with ships only. Rare with planes.

So I have some issues about Graphics and also some controlls. Here they are:
With "max" button of settings, i got 70 fps on sailing, 90 flying.
Where should I edit some settings?
CPU 99%, GPU 99%.

Mobo: Asus P8B75-V 

CPU: i5 3470 3.2Ghz

RAM: 8 GB DDR3 (1333)

GPU: GTX 960 4GB
Power: 600W

Joystick: Logitech Attack 3 (I wrote this here because I'm using it for sailing and maybe you have some recommended settings for it, the right binding for ships).

Can someone please help me about the real OC settings in MSI Afterburner for my GPU?
Included Core Voltage.


Thank you so much!

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Shadows and Anti-Aliasing is always quite hefty on a graphics card since both are things done in real-time during/after the main drawing process - so, I'd say try changing those settings first (in small steps of course).


Since you are mainly playing Naval battles, you may also want to look at the water quality setting - Naval Forces maps are always a bit more demanding since your "ground" is always moving and changing, thus the graphics card has more to do than in ground forces and aerial battles where the ground is either not animated/rarely changes much or "far away" from the player camera.


I hope these initial pointers can help you to find a bit better performance already, but this is certainly not the only stuff people can adjust to get some more frames per second :)

(however, 70 fps in ships is already quite good - your monitor might even not display them all)

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