Looking for a squadron

I´m looking to find a group of experienced war thunder players to play and make friends with.


Region: Europe

Gamemode: Air RB, Tank RB

Language: English

Age: 19

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We'd be happy to have you in TAW. We play both tanks and planes at high and low BR's. If you're interested in joining you can sign up at If you have any questions or want more information feel free to contact me on discord  @[TAW] FlyingDutchMan#1750 or send me an email at You can also check out our discord server



[TAW] FlyingDutchMan

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Angels of Death - [AOD]

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a large, active, global gaming community with a friendly, drama-free environment filled with like-minded mature gamers?


AOD is a large, international, multi-gaming community with 20+ years of gaming success under our belts and 2900+ dedicated members across the globe among our 20 official gaming divisions.


We are always recruiting and constantly adding support for more divisions as we track the newest and latest games that fit our community from the time they are announced. We are a well-established, well-organized gaming community with a strict Code of Conduct & proven management structure and we greet all players with a warm welcome. We are all here for the same reason after all -- to have fun gaming together!


To view all of our gaming divisions click here.

To learn more about our history click here


AOD has no gameplay or time requirements in order to be a member and we more than understand that "life happens" from time to time; It's a simple fact and it happens to everyone, especially when it comes to balancing careers, family, children, classes, and all of the other things that may be on your plate. Life is stressful enough and the reason we game is to escape all of that real life nonsense and just chill out together and have fun. Cliques and elitism are frowned upon here in AOD and no-one is ever pushed aside for any "special teams"; all of our members are treated equally regardless of talent. We do have some modest milestones we like our members to reach for but there is no constant nagging about anything. Our honorable members strive to include everyone and encourage everyone to participate in all that we do.

War thunder division of AOD:

- 300+ members in the war thunder division of AOD

- New to the game? We have many experienced players including level 100's who can help you out.

- We cover all aspects of the game; planes, tanks and ships

- Feeling competitive? We play squadron battles and have finished in the top 100 several time. You don't have to participate in squadron battles, but it is always an option.

- Weekly events (also not required to participate in).


- Age 16 or older

- Have a working microphone

- Level 8 or higher in game

- Active with a good attitude

- Be on our TeamSpeak server while playing

 Perks of joining:

- Private teamspeak server
- Access to our private AOD members-only forums
- Opportunity to be a part of our ever-growing gaming family of over 2900+ members across the world
- Ability to play part-time in any of the other divisions that AOD supports now and in the future as long as you remain a full time member
- Access to hundreds of AOD members with tech and computer knowledge. If something goes wrong in your rig, we have plenty of members willing to help you through your problems and figure it out.
- Fun, Hassle-free gaming

 How to apply:

Step 1 - Visit our website

Step 2 - Click apply button to make your profile (or click here).

- Please make your profile name match your in-game name.

Step 3 - After you made your AOD profile; click the apply here and select war thunder to submit an application to the war thunder division of the AOD (or click here).

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Hi @ondra184,


You can always give us a try if you want. Joint Task Force 76 is an international group of players from various countries who are only interested in playing and improving together: 

Should you like the group, all you need to do is to use a decent microphone and TeamSpeak and to be able to communicate correctly (back and forth) in English. We are mostly looking for cool and mature players who can respect team mates and opponents alike. We offer support, training and events from time to time.


Any question? Just leave me a PM here or simply visit us on our TeamSpeak server (the address is on the site above) and have a couple of games with us. 

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Not going to hit you when a cop paste message. 7th Cav is a decent sized squadron with members from both EU and US thats been around since the game released from beta. If you are interested send me a PM here or in game and Ill be glad to talk more.

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Wolfpack is a friendly squadron that competes in squadron battles the emphasis is NOT a win at all costs scenario, but to enjoy War Thunder in a friendly but competent manner.  We have arcade, realistic and simulator players.  All members must be 18+ years of age and command a reasonable understanding of English.  Furthermore, all players must be using team speak with a working microphone (“push to talk” sho uld be enabled).  If you are interested in joining then visit us on team speak, our server address is:  (poke someone to get some attention).


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Top50 Squadron Complete Khaos [KHAOS] is recruiting! We are looking for skilled and active players who wish to play competitively and/or casually. The only requirement is to be active and have at least level 30 and rank V ground or air. We are using Discord for communication.

You can contact me ingame - Deemah

Or join our Discord -


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= Join the 57FG! =



57FG Official Discord:


We are an English-speaking fighter group promoting teamwork and using element tactics. We fly US aircraft in Simulation Mode from Tier 2 all the way to Jets. We mainly focus on P-47, P-38, P-51 but also fly other US types as well. 


We'll train you to be effective in a group, you'll simply need to be able to:

  • Fly well enough in sim mode to stay in formation in a combat situation

  • Read, understand and align with the squadron rules and regulations

  • Be open to improvement and dedicated to the squadron

  • Use Discord for communication



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