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-= 307th Combat Division=-

=307CD= 307th Combat Division
=307TC= 307th Training Division



Hello one and all, The 307th Combat Division is currently looking for new members to join her ranks. We are a primarily training and casual game-play squadron (With hopes of moving into Squadron Battles) that started out of the need to provide new players a small taste of what war thunder has to offer. With multiple squadrons active, We currently have a player base of over 140 individuals.


Minimum Requirements

  • Discord is REQUIRED (AS OF 08/06/2019). Keep in mind thou, while on the discord, you are not required to have a microphone. The exception to this is for Squadron Battles, World War Mode, and any other specialty game mode where communication is needed across all participants. 
    • We ask everyone to have 1 hour of voice in discord (at the very minimum be in a voice chat, you don't even have to talk)
  • The best part (right now) is that we are accepting EVERYONE regardless of Vehicle Rank or Skill Level. The only thing we ask is be open to learning!
    • 307CD is our SRB squadron
    • 307TC is our training squadron
    • Both squadrons have a casual player base, no one is forced to play SRB!
  • Our preference is RB tank battles, Although due to the training nature of our squadron, we do play quite a bit in AB and SB. (Mostly RB and AB thou)
  • Applicants must Have a maturity level of that of an 16 year old or older, preferably older. We're looking for more mature players who will contribute to our team and have the willingness to help and train others!
  • Applicants must have a minimum activity score of  720 per 14 day period. (THIS IS EASILY ACHIEVABLE, EQUIVALENT OF PLAYING THE GAME FOR 10 HOURS OR LESS AND EARNING RP)
    • 307CD has an activity level requirement of 1000
    • 307TC has an activity level requirement of 720
    • Activity is earned: BY PLAYING THE DARN GAME, 1 Activity = 200 RP. This means you can **SUCK** and lose every match, But you can still earn the activity to remain in the squadron :D.
  • Additional Squadron Benefits upon joining :D (Like Premium Vehicle Giveaways, Golden Eagle Giveaways, Game Keys, ETC)



Discord Invite Link:


Thank you and see you on the Battlefield!


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