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Improving WWM experience for Squadrons


Improving WWM experience for Squadrons  

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    • Squadron only option
    • Mercenary hiring for specific battles
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After having tried both last round of WWM and the current one with my squadron we have all agreed that playing as a unit is extremely difficult (especially on the more popular side) due to a large spam of random players. We were unable to join as a battle group on our own battles because randoms filled out the rooms. And trying to play strategically and use the best possible vehicles for the mission was near impossible as it takes longer for a squad to get into the battle than a random which grabs the limited supply of destroyers very very quickly with what they've been granted instead of what would be suitable.


I have 2 suggestions on ways to solve this issue

1) Have an option for "squadron only" matches

2) Randoms as recruitable mercenaries


Squadron only

By this I mean keep everything else as it is, but when creating a session as an officer of a squadron having an option to make it a "squadron only" session so that only members of the two participating squadrons can join the battles


Random Mercenaries

Instead of just running it all through a mm have random players sign up for wwm as mercenaries listing what vehicles they have for each side and what they prefer to play letting officers of the squadrons running the sessions choosing what and how many random players they want to let into their session either by directly choosing the individual or by setting a filter looking for say "air, bomber" if the squadron itself falls short on players who wants to do that job

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