Obsolete - Lvl 17 player looking for mates to squad up with - no milsim, no mode restriction



I'm looking for a EU based squadron where I can find some friendly people to squad up with for fun and tactics and maybe climb the US and USSR tree together and exchange hints and if possible join the WW mode coming up.


  • Modes you play (AB to get into the game. Want to go RB and later SB - already tried them all)
  • Type of vehicles you like playing the most (ATM: Air > Ground > Navy, but I enjoy all and want to get into all at some point, I played the nice BF2 mod: Forgotten hope 2 for ten years, which had them all.)
  • Preferred nations (USA & USSR only, but teaming with other nations would be nice)
  • Preferred game servers (EU/RU, US only when it's late in EU)
  • Your age (44)
  • Preferred language (English over Romanian)
  • Preferred controller type (Mouse + Keyboard, but open for other. i have unused Joystick and controller)
  • Timezone / available playing times (usually starting between 19:00 and 21:00 UTC quitting between 21:00 and 23:00 UTC. ATM playing almost daily but want to reduce to 3 to 4 times a week.)
  • Preferred communication platform (I have ingame voice, teamspeak, discord, skype, no preference)


I am not looking for a milsim squadron.


I am looking for people who:

- communicate their goals (spade plane, skill crew, warbonds or other objectives)

- respect others goals (being in a squad/teamwork is desirable but not a must)

- are able and willing to discuss and develop tactics together and do not stick to own ideas or habbits if they do not suit the situation

- are able and willing to exchange hints and knowledge

- treat others equally


My ingame name is RO_Joker. I started playing WT late Nov. 2019. I'm lvl 17 now.

My highest planes are P-51, P-47-25 and B-25J-1 but not yet spaded as of today (2020-01-21).

The other planes are all spaded up to and including P-39N-0, F4U-1A, A-20G-25, B-34.

My highest ground vehicles are M24, M4, M4A3 (105), M15A1 CGMC, M10 GMC. They are almost spaded. All lower vehicles are all spaded.

In the USSR tree I just startet and have only the 1.0 planes and vehicles. But I have all free ones and all are spaded.

I have more vehicles and planes researched, than I have SL to buy them.

All assigned crews are expert level but the experience is not high.


I mostly played AB because some youtube video stated that the rewards were higher than in RB especially for crew skilling. But looking at the stats of the vehicles I think that I shlould do some testing myself. Besides not all crew abilities are necessary in RB. I tried RB only a few times and it's fun. Actually I would also like to try SB if I only manage to set up a convenient way to fly. I have a joystick but I've read some hints how to use mouse joystick and that it has some pros and cons. I need more time to try those settings. I didn't use the joystick yet. It's an old Thrustmaster from the late 90s similar to the T-Flight Stick X.

I have a job and a family but I find time to play at least weekly. Actually I played almost daily in these two months, but I would like to reduce that a bit.

My gamer history broght me from turn based strategy games like the panzer general series, the first total war games, panzercorps and combat flight games like strike commander, tactical fighter experiment over battlefield mods like forgotten hope 2 and project reality to war thunder. Not to mention the not related or less played games.


I contacted some squadrons but either the requirements were too high or somehow it did not work. That's why I try it this way. I'm looking forward to find someone to play as a team. Even outside a squadron.



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No mode restrictions here,

You can play what you like just be prepared to be flexible with others.

E.g. don't just play RB.

Teamplay and working with a team is a must.

Obviously no bullying (banter permitted)

So if your interested in joining us look for =R34P=

We are an active squadron and take part in squad battles etc.


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Hi @RO_Joker,


Feel free to come and visit our website: , Joint Task Force 76 is based in the USA but is an international squadron with more than half of the players coming from Europe. The easiest way to see if you would like the team is to visit the site and the TeamSpeak server (the address is on the site).Just play a couple of games with us and see for yourself.


Any question? Drop me a PM here or ask in TeamSpeak directly.

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WolfPack - High Command Communiqué


Attention: @Pilot looking for squadron

From: WolfPack High Command.

WolfPack War Thunder command is looking for players to join our existing male and female player base in War Thunder

See our recruitment video on YouTube

Our website:

Our member base number: 275 players.

Our in game tag: WFPK1


* Speak basic English
* Minimum age 18 or older
* Teamspeak voice communications (see tutorial link down bottom)


We do not just play War Thunder - we also have gaming divisions for World of Tanks : Asia, Word of Tanks : EU , Battlefield, Insurgency.

How to start?

Follow the tutorial on how to install teamspeak and wait in the lobby until someone contacts you


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