Changes in penetration values

It seems that gaijin has changed some of the penetration values for certain guns without ever announcing it in any patch notes. I first noticed this when playing out the Panzers 3s with the 50mm L60, the penetration has been buffed to 106mm instead of the previous 95mm at point blank range, and all the panzer 3s received a maximum speed buff from 53 to 59 kmh. I looked at the stat cards for a few other tanks and compiled the changes I noticed below. I'm sure there are more so feel free to add to it. I'm pretty bummed out that these were never even mentioned since some of them can be significant.


37mm M5 cannon 

- M51 shot penetration buffed to 75mm from 66mm at point blank. Affects M3, M2A4, M2 medium.


37mm M6 cannon

-M51B1/B2 penetration nerfed to 87mm from 90mm, affects M3A1, M5A1, M8, LVT, M22 Locust


37mm KwK 36

-APCR penetration nerfed from 91mm to 86mm, affects Panzer 3 B, E, Nbfz.


37mm KwK34(t)-this is only used on the Panzer 35 which also got a max speed buff from 33 to 37 kmh

-pzgr umg buffed from 52 to 55mm max penetration

-Pzgr 34(t) buffed from 49 to 53mm

-Pzgr 40 nerfed from 85 to 81mm


50mm KwK38 L/42 (Panzer 3 F and J)

-Pzgr 39 penetration buffed from 71 to 80mm

-Pzgr 40 penetration nerfed to 116 from 132mm

-Pzgr 40/1 REMOVED completely


50mm KwK39 L/60 (Panzer 3 J1, L, M. As mentioned above the max speed of these tanks was also buffed.)

-Pzgr 39- penetration buffed from 95 to 106mm

-Pzgr 40-penetration nerfed from 150 to 129mm

These penetration changes also carry over the to 50mm cannons on the Me 410 U4 versions and the Me 262A-1/U4.


45mm 20-K (T-26, BT-5, BT-7, T-50, T-70, T-80)

-Explosive filler nerfed from 32.3g to 29.26g of TNT equivalent. Doesn't seem like a lot but playing a few games it definitely feels significantly weaker as well as ridiculously inaccurate at range.


37mm Type 94 (Ha-Go)

aphe penetration buffed from 31 to 34mm


37mm Type 100 (Ke-Ni)

-Type 1 APHE penetration buffed from 42 to 47mm. It shared this value with the armored targets belt for the Ki-45 Otsu, but currently the KI-45 still has the 42mm value.


150mm Type 38 howitzer on Ho-Ro

-Type 95 APHE MASSIVE NERF from 61mm to 38mm max penetration!!! Again, why was this never mentioned?


37mm SA38 L/33 (reserve French tanks)

-Mle1938 penetration buffed from 48mm to 54mm


Those are all the ones I've noticed so far. I'm especially pissed of about the Soviet 45mm nerf because the T-26 is so ridiculously hard to play now with its only saving grace nerfed to hell.






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something may look like a buff at point blank or 100 meters or so, but anything past that might actually be a nerf. so a net nerf overall.


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