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I need some vehicle data

I'm trying to gather vehicle data to create a comparison table trying to understand the environment I play in. Right now I'm focused at BR 8.3 +/-1 realistic battles. I need some help with this, mainly since I don't own most of the vehicles (and thereby be able to extract the relevant data) and the War thunder wiki is incomplete at best.


I want the numbers for an ace crew. All that is needed is that you have bought and crewed a vehicle to tell this. Your current crew skill dosn't matter. Switch to realistic battles! In the crew skill tab it's indicated as the top value of each skill eg. the targeting skill of the gunner shows turret traverse speed and weapon reloading skill of loader shows reload speed and so on.


What I need in case of Soviet:


IS-6 - Turret traverse speed in degrees


T-55AM1 - Turret traverse speed in degrees


Object 685 - Turret traverse speed in degrees



Hope you can help!


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