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14/1/2019 Vautour speed dial using wrong units

Vehicle : SO.4050 Vautour II (all of them as they use the same cockpit)
Issue : the speed dial, though clearly marked on the dial as using knots (noeuds) actually displays speed in IAS km/h
Fix : correct the dial so it correctly shows IAS speed in knots and not km/h


Why is it an issue? A) it's wrong ; B) the dial goes up to 700, which allows to display speeds of up to 1300 km/h (in knots) while the Vautour can go up to 1100 easily. The dial displaying km/h instead of knot speed makes it basically unreadable above 700 km/h IAS.




As you can see, the dial (second from the left, next to the Machmeter and the artificial horizon) indicates a speed slightly above 400, while the game gives me a TAS indication of 448 km/h at 1850m. You should also be able to see the dial clearly has written "noeuds" under the indicator, translating to knots.

Even without taking into account IAS vs TAS, the dial should at most be giving a speed of 241 (direct km/h to knot conversion).

The 400-410 value we can see corresponds to the calculated IAS we should obtain in km/h at the altitude of 1850m (using this https://aerotoolbox.net/airspeed-conversions/ )
The correct value in knots should be 221

clog 2019_11_28_15_32_41__29456.clog

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Your Bug Report is submitted.


This thread is now archived.

If you wish to add extra information to the report, please send them to a Technical Moderator, mentioning this report and with the documents attached.


In the eventuality of a need for further information, you will be contacted by Private Message by the Technical Moderation team.


Thank you for helping us improving the game.



Rapitor, for the ™ team

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