1.97 Rumor Round-Up and Discussion



Welcome to the 1.97 Rumor Round-Up and Discussion thread!


Here you can discuss everything related to 1.97, such as rumors and discussions.


Generally please avoid these types of discussions:


-Wish listing - there's a separate thread for that here

-Specifics of vehicle specs like armour, ammo, guns, data sheets - you can make a thread here

-Bug reports - you can make a thread here


Please use the 1.95 update thread to discuss Update 1.95 "Northern Wind". Complaining here won't solve anything. 



Q: What is this thread about?

A:  This thread is about the upcoming patch 1.97 and future content.


Q: Shouldn't the next patch be 1.96?

A: No. The even patch numbers are reserved for internal test builds.


Q: Will you add...?

A: No. We are no developers, just nosy players.


Q: Why isn't [vehicle] on the list?

A: Either because there is no evidence that this vehicle will be added, or because no one told me that there is such evidence.


Q: Why is [vehicle/feature] on the Denied list?

A: Because said feature or vehicle was denied by Gaijin developers or their representatives at some point in the past.


Q: Where did my post go?

A: Off-Topic comments will often be hidden (not deleted) to keep this thread readable and on topic. No need to be alarmed or comment on the disappearing post(s), if concerned then PM Forum Moderators or Seniors.


Q: What does (data finds) mean?

A: It means that evidence of this vehicle, map, or feature has been found in the game files.


Q: When will we get the patch?

A: Currently our best guess is in March 2020.


Q: What if I don't want to read all these pages to find out what will come?

A: Read the OP. I will frequently update it with new information.



Unconfirmed / General overview of new stuff (to be updated regularly):


Stuff that has been confirmed officially by Gaijin will have "Confirmed:" in front of it.






Aircraft general

  • Drop tank mechanics (CDK finds, however currently not deemed necessary by developers)
  • Confirmed: Plans for new aircraft carrier models - Source 1 / Source 2
  • Confirmed: Plans for new load out mechanic for planes - Source
  • Boosters for Arado 234 B-2 - Source
  • Plans to add defensive systems for aircraft like flares and radar warning systems - Source
  • Developing missile battle system beyond visual range - Source 


US aircraft


German aircraft


Russian/Soviet aircraft


Great British aircraft


Japanese aircraft


Chinese aircraft


Italian aircraft


French aircraft


Swedish aircraft

  • Potential Swedish air tree candidates (pure guess work), Finnish ones, found in files - Source
  • Confirmed: S 17BS - Source
  • Confirmed: MM.406 - Source
  • Confirmed: Sk 60b - Source
  • Confirmed: J 35D - Source
  • Confirmed: Draken and Viggen are in the works - Source: 1.95 test server livestream
  • Pe-3bis - Source 1 / Source 2
  • H-75A-1 (Finland) - Source 1 / Source 2
  • H-75A-4 (Finland) - Source 1 / Source 2
  • J 34 Hunter - Source


Other aircraft


Ground forces:



Ground forces general

  • Regenerative steering - Source
  • Time fused shells - Source 1 / Source 2
  • Damage model of wheeled vehicles for damage to suspension and wheels - Source
  • Single player ground campaign in the works - Source
  • New Japan map - Source
  • More wheeled vehicles - Source
  • Confirmed: Armoured cars / trucks such as Humvees, buggies, UAZs, Toyotas are in development - Source  


US ground forces


German ground forces

  • Pz.35t Romania Mare premium (CDK and data finds) - Source
  • East-German T-72M1 is possible - Source


Russian/Soviet ground forces


Great British ground forces


Japanese ground forces


Chinese ground forces


Italian ground forces


French ground forces


Swedish ground forces

  • Confirmed: IKV 72 - Source
  • The Swedish tank tree is likely to come in 1.97. But it might also come in 1.99 if something gets delayed. BVVD (a dev) said on dev stream.





Naval general

  • Mines
  • New naval game modes - Source
  • New ship textures in files - Source
  • urret_100mm_mz16_twin, turret_152mm_mk17_twin, turret_305mm_mk15_triple - Kronshtadt class BC - Source

  • turret_127mm_skc34_c34 - Type 1936B Destroyer (according to the other datamine, but it was also used on Type 34 and 36s) - Source

  • turret_305mm_mk8_triple - Alaska class CB - Source

  • turret_37mm_46k_quadruple - Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya in 1942 (Source) - Source

  • turret_40mm_mk1_quadruple_shield - This makes no sense since the quad 40mm Bofors was designated Mk.II. - Source

  • Texture updates for British destroyers' 102 and 120mm guns (found on Tribal, etc.). - Source

  • Texture updates for PT boats' 37mm M4. - Source

  • lifeboat_ussr_pr371_admiral - Admiralty class service vessel, found on larger ships. - Source

  • lifeboat_japan_daihatsu_landing_craft - Source

  • Slowly approaching battle-cruiser sized ships - Source


US navy


German navy


Russian/Soviet navy

  • Sverdlov-class cruiser (data finds) - Source
  • Kronshtadt - Source
  • Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya - Source  


Great British navy


Japanese navy


Chinese navy

  • Confirmed: Plans for the Chinese navy - Source


Italian navy

  • MAS 500 (data finds) - Source 1 / Source 2
  • Confirmed:  Soldati serie 1 destroyer - Source
  • Confirmed:  Condottieri-class cruiser - Source
  • Confirmed:  MS74 serie 2A torpedo boat - Source
  • Turbine class destroyer (data finds)
  • Freccia-class destroyer (data finds) - Source
  • Confirmed:  Trento-class cruiser - Source
  • Confirmed:  Saetta-class gunboat - Source
  • Confirmed:  Italian navy WILL come in 2020 - Source
  • Confirmed:  CRDA 60t - Source (0:08 seconds)


French navy

  • Section empty


Swedish navy

  • Section empty





General helicopters

  • Section empty


US helicopters

  • YAH-64 images were accidentally uploaded to the PS4 store.
  • YAH-64 was in the Ka-50's dev blog clip by mistake - Source
  • AH-64A (CDK find) - Source
  • AH-64D (CDK find) - Source
  • AH-64A Peten (Israeli Apache) (CDK find) - Source


German helicopters

  • Section empty


Russian/Soviet helicopters

  • Section empty


Great British helicopters

  • Confirmed: Plans to develop the British helicopter research tree - Source
  • Confirmed: Considering more helicopters, specifically the Westland Wessex - Source  
  • AH Mk I - Source


Japanese helicopters

  • Section empty


Chinese helicopters

  • Plans for Chinese helicopter research tree - Source 


Italian helicopters

  • Confirmed: Italian helicopters will come in 2020 - Source 


French helicopters

  • Section empty


Swedish helicopters

  • Swedish helicopter tree "most likely" - Source


Other helicopters

  • Mi-24 Superhind not excluded as a possibility - Source
  • Denel Rooivalk not excluded as a possibility - Source





Other general

  • One developer has plans for helicopter EC - Source
  • Clouds are going to be reworked 





General unclear

  • Sea Killer/Nettuno Italian anti-ship missile found in the CDK. It was trailed on the Freccia-class patrol boat - Source
  • Type 90 Ship-to-ship missile (90式艦対艦誘導弾, SSM-1B) - Source
  • Otomat Mk I missile - Source
  • OV-10A unclear - being worked on by Nova, it's a possible candidate.
  • Submarines unclear - Q&A so far said either "not now" or "not yet". Submarines might come eventually since they were in April Fools 2018.
  • Auxiliary cruisers - non in development, but haven not been ruled out, said in 2017 - Source 





General denied

  • PTAB-SD 4 HL - Source
  • Zerstörer 45 - Source
  • Changing loaded round without shooting.
  • Fairey Gannet (shoot range, 13 / 04 / 2017)
  • B-36
  • No Israeli tech tree - Source
  • British Gazelle - Source - Not enough evidence for British Gazelle armament, therefore denied for now, need more information on it


Thread last updated: 06 / 02 / 2020 by magazine2

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Also, I think you can add the AH-64 to the list, since we saw the ones in the 1.95 dev client, and Deutschland has already been added in form of Graf Spee. 

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6 minutes ago, Cedjoe said:

Thanks for the new thread :)

I'm gonna say it one time,


there better be a Mirage III this update :D


But hope so too ;)

Edited by AdmiralTakao
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@magazine2 I guess you can add to the list:


- Sweden: Air: "Confirmed: Draken (& Viggen?) are in the works (source: 1.95 test server livestream)

- US/UK: AH-64 Apache in the works (cdk find)

Edited by Kanyiko

magazine2 (Posted )

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5 minutes ago, Stavroforos said:

Also, I think you can add the AH-64 to the list, since we saw the ones in the 1.95 dev client, and Deutschland has already been added in form of Graf Spee. 


Added AH-64 to list since it was found in dev files and removed Deutschland from German naval section. 


3 minutes ago, TheCheshireCat said:

@magazine2 Thank you sir :salute: might want to update the OP with the AH-64A, AH-64D and WAH-64D alongside the Israeli variant whose name eludes me, they were all datamined.


:salute: added.

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Just now, didrec said:

So maybe the Mi...... the plane that we should not name next patch XD

No no, we can definitely name it in this patch until someone comes along in a month and tells us it's not happening :P 

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Already multiple posts hidden, oh boy this is gonna be a long ~3 months. 


Reminder to take 1.95 stuff to this thread:



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