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[News] Expansion to the available aircraft in ground SB


Dear players,


Due to the large number of aircraft in the game as well as the inconvenient displaying of available vehicles in ground SB, from 11:00 gmt on the 12th of December we are introducing BR “ranges” of permitted vehicles instead of fixed aircraft presets.


  • Setup 1_1: BR up to 2.0
  • Setup 2_1: BR 1.7 — 2.7
  • Setup 3_1: BR 2.3 — 3.3
  • Setup 4_1: BR 3.0 — 4.0
  • Setup 5_1: BR 4.0 — 5.0
  • Setup 6_1: BR 5.0 — 6.3


Previously, aircraft were added to the presets using the efficiency of aircraft weaponry in their interaction with armoured vehicles. The preference was given to attackers, dive bombers and multipurpose fighters. There were few classic interceptors. Whilst at the same time you have regularly asked us to add one or another jet fighter. Previously we tried to avoid linear bombers as they are designed for other battle missions. However, some players would like to use them in battle. 


Due to the moving of aircraft presets to the BR “ranges”, all types of aviation including bombers will appear in a battle. Therefore plan more carefully the vehicle presets which you will take into battle. We will monitor the changes in the efficiency of aviation and gameplay in the game mode and on that feedback we will make the necessary adjustments to the aircraft BR and possibly introduce some restrictions for vehicles.

The War Thunder Team

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