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[Competition] War Thunder Post Cards - Christmas edition


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Ah, back in the days before the internet revolutionized our ways of communication, letters and postcards were the standard way to communicate with your loved ones from
far away. For this competition we like to go back to the analogue era and ask of you to create a christmas postcard in the vintage style of the 30s and 40s. Whether you
use pen and paper or your pc to draw and write the card is up to you. 

And of course, there will be some late Christmas presents from Gaijilla for the winners to start the new year 2020.



All planes, tanks, helicopters and ships are eligible to enter.


Also, don't forget to post your skin on http://live.warthunder.com with the Hashtag #Christmas2019







  • The top 3 Postcards will be selected by the Live.WT moderation team.
  • Postcard must be of your own creation / drawn by yourself
  • You must tag your skin using the “ #Christmas2019 ” hashtag.
  • Postcard must contain at least one Aircraft, Tank, Ship, Helicopter or be otherwise connected to War Thunder.
  • Only one Postcard entry per user
  • All Postcards must be created within the competition timeframe (no older poster submissions)
  • Entries must be kept clean and follow the rules of the game and War Thunder Live.
  • All entries must be submitted before the 31st of December, 2019, 23:59 GMT
  • The judges decision is final



  1. Place Saab J-29D Pack or Leopard Pack orPre Order Prinz Eugen Pack + Christmas trophy (decal+decor)

  2. Place Dora or Magach 3 or Z-20 Karl Galster + Christmas trophy (decal+decor)

  3. Place VL Pyorremyrsky or P40 Leoncello or PG 02 + Christmas trophy (decal+decor)


The 10 honourable mentions will receive 2 of the following:
Skates, Sleigh, Christmas Wreath, Teddy Bear (White), Teddy Bear (Brown)
"Christmas tree" victory marks, Snow Maiden, Sledge, Present, Snowflakes, Happy Holidays!, Xmas Tree, Festive Like, Xmas Sock, Xmas Rocket

plus all winners and honourable mentions will receive the title: Santa's Little Helper

Rewards will be allocated within 2 working weeks from date winners were announced.

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