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Looking for a friendly squadron

English-speaking German looking for a friendly squadron to play Air RB.


Level 51. Been in the game since 2013 (on and off). Playing all nations. Preferably Germans (energy fighting / bnz style of play). Flying props only (hate jets)


Age: 26

Languages: English, German, Turkish

Mouse aim


Any communication platform




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Hello Southwind35, Please consider joining the Angels of Death. We are a mature english speaking clan. The majority of us play realistic ground and air battles. We are a relaxed international english speaking clan and there should always be someone online in our teamspeak server that you can play with.





The Angels of Death is a large gaming organization found in 1999 and now has over 3000 active members among all the different game divisions within the clan. The war thunder division of AOD alone has 300+ members. Here your relationships and investments in the community continue beyond a single game and your legacy can last for years.


  • We have 300+ members from all around the globe so there should always be someone to play with.
  • Looking to make new friends? We are all friendly, mature and always looking for new members who just want others to play with and have a good time without any BS or drama.
  • New to the game? We have many experienced players including level 100's who can help you out.
  • We cover all aspects of the game; planes, tanks and ships
  • Feeling competitive? We do squadron battles (not required to play) and can help teach you the ropes if you have not played squad battles before. We have multiple top 100, 50 and top 20 trophies.


  • Age 16 or older
  • Understand and speak English well
  • Microphone to use TeamSpeak while playing
  • Level 8 or higher in game
  • Mature and active


Step 1 - Visit

Step 2 - Click apply button to make your profile (or click here)

Step 3 - After you made your AOD profile, click the apply button and submit an application to the war thunder division (or click here)

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WolfPack - High Command Communiqué

Attention: @Pilot looking for squadron

From: WolfPack High Command.


WolfPack War Thunder command is looking for players to join our existing male and female player base in War Thunder

See our recruitment video on YouTube

Our website:

Our member base number: 275 players.

Our in game tag: WFPK1


* Speak basic English
* Minimum age 18 or older
* Teamspeak voice communications (see tutorial link down bottom)


We do not just play War Thunder - we also have gaming divisions for World of Tanks : Asia, Word of Tanks : EU , Battlefield, Insurgency.

How to start?

Follow the tutorial on how to install teamspeak and wait in the lobby until someone contacts you


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Hi @SOUTHWIND35 I think you match the kind of player that we are looking for - 


=VOLTS= Is seeking all players that are 18+, that are looking to join 1 of the top active squadrons, we play all game modes, but mostly Ground and Air RB. We are shifting our focus here to a competitive roll to establish TOP 50 or higher. All levels and BR'S are welcome as long as you are active you will progress very quickly. 


Come and join our friendly and active discord community at: come in and ask about us anything, we will be with you within minutes

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Hey Sagitarius, our [IIAC] squad's top players are right at your level. We are casual good time gamers. Not a large crew. Just a fun one. You are most welcome to join.



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Top100 Squadron Complete Khaos [KHAOS] is recruiting! We are looking for skilled and active players who wish to play competitively and/or casually. The only requirement is to be active and have at least level 30 and rank V ground or air. We are using Discord for communication.

You can contact me ingame - Deemah

Or join our Discord -


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