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Enduring Confrontation ( Saipan )

     I recently had logged into the " Enduring Conflict ( Saipan )" battleground to get a feel for the event.  After reading player chat and zipping around in a few lower ships a thought for a more interesting spawning of ships seems what this event might need to gain wider community approval.  

     I would suggest going into battle with all ships available in a current players line-up, rank 2 and above, able to be spawned at the beginning of the battle.  The first ship spawned would cost 1000 Silver Lions, second ship 2000 SL, third ship 4000 SL, fourth ship 8000 Silver Lions, fifth ship 16000 SL and so on until all ships in a players inventory are depleted.  This would add more of a challenge in ship class deployment in 1) completing secondary quests in battle, 2) more variety of ship class hence more threats for players to deal with, 3) end players deploying endless capital ships, 4) remove SL from in game economy, 5) advance a more balanced and interesting battleground. 

     With the different ship classes more sub-missions could potentially be added such as landing support, attacking ammunition dumps, airfields, etc.  Scoring can remain the same, the map is more than adequate and if both teams should somehow manage to run out of ships, victory would be determined by the current score.

     What do you think players?


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