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[EC] Naval Enduring Confrontation Saipan



We invite you to take part in the naval forces Enduring Confrontation event, which will allow you to experience naval scenarios.


Till 07:00 GMT on the 21st of October — [Enduring Confrontation] Saipan (RB).

The event end time may be subject to change. Costs for respawning, and awards, may also be changed over the event period.

In naval Enduring Confrontation, battles will be held around ports which are involved in the key objectives of the mission. Teams will receive points for capturing and holding the ports, and also for completing other mission tasks. The team which reaches 150,000 points first wins.


  • Required vehicles in setup: Fleet of BR 3.7 - 4.3
  • Acceptable vehicles in setup: Fleet and aircraft of BR 1.0 - 5.7

The number of respawns is not limited and you can respawn with the same vehicle multiple times, but every respawn will cost Silver Lions depending on the repair cost of the vehicle. Aircraft fly outs require a fixed amount of available respawn points and depend on the class of the aircraft or the presence of suspended weaponry on a fighter. Respawns in ships with a BR of 4.7 and higher require respawn points depending on the BR.


Changes from the previous launch:

  • Cargo ships have been included to the convoys.
  • Front line (without ground battles) has been partly switched on on the Saipan mission as it requires the logic of port capture.
  • Naval setups for AI depends now to the rank of the battle.
  • The mission is available in the RB game mode. Reloading and repairing ships is available in the ports. Reloading and repairing aircraft is available only at allied airfields.
  • Repair and reloading mechanics for hydroplanes and seaplanes at allied ports is under development and isn’t currently available in the missions.
  • The respawn costs for aircraft and cruisers have been reduced. 
  • The following logic will be applied to port capture: At the beginning of the port capture by the enemy team it will lose respawn points. After this, there are two possible options available. 
  • If the enemy team captures the port, after a certain time the will be enemy respawn available points on it. 
  • If enemy team didn’t capture the port and the point remains neutral then after a specific time, respawn points for the team which owned the port last will appear.




Naval convoys


New scenario for Enduring Confrontation: naval convoys. On the map border, naval convoys will appear which will move towards the sea ports of their respective team. Whilst the convoy is active, the allied team has additional respawn points close to it. The enemy team will also have respawn points at a distance from the convoy. The number of ships in the convoy depends on the number of players in the game session and on the port size where the convoy is attempting to reach.


Port attack


New scenario for Enduring Confrontation: port attack. Each team will have 3 ports at the start of the mission. Each port has several AI ships which will defend the base. Each port is immediately available for players to capture and there are no additional tasks for capturing the ports. If the convoy from the “naval convoy” scenario reaches its port it is very likely that the AI ships from this port will attack one of the enemy ports and the players will receive additional points for helping them to capture enemy port.


Naval bombers


In case there is an active naval convoy on the map the enemy team may have a bomber which will attack and destroy the convoy. The entire logic of the scenario is working in the same way as for ordinary bombers attacking ground bases, but now their targets are convoy ships.


The War Thunder Team

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