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Looking for an 'older' player Squadron

So what happened to the DHO guys?  [ Dad's Hideout ] -- no activity in that squadron - sad.


I am an escapee from World of Tanks (49k games) - that game got too arcade stupid with wheeled vehicles and trolled by toxic players.


I've been in a few WT squadrons of good to me, and have learned from them.  I thank them all but that is not my crowd, (no one gets my Monty-Python or Kelly's Hero's references.)


BUT - I want to find a squadron of players who are mostly older....meaning 30 or older.  Being on TS or discord with the younger crowd is out of place for me.


I play Arcade and Realistic, prefer realistic but I have some work to do to improve.  I always do better (personally -  I am not posting here to find a group the win for me) in a platoon so I prefer that.  A squad that is working together, not a group that talks about everything but the battle we are in and does there own thing in the map - might as well be individually playing a random battle.


That said I am not stupid serious; I just like to focus on the battle.  I do not rage when I lose, I like to win but a loss after a good fight is great too.  I don't stick around when things get silly / drunk / weed-high or foul language marathons.


I play 3-4 nights at least a week, have some mid tier vehicles and planes, and like squadron battles, when organized.


Any Squadrons a good match for this veteran, trying to 'get good'?



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We are old guys too.


We are here to bring back a German/Axis War Thunder Kampfgruppe . There are so many fans of German armor and her allies out there. And we are here to be such a group.


We are seeking folks for a historical German Panzer/Luftwaffe Kampfgruppe. They have existed here in the past and in other games. What is important for membership is a devotion to a German military units, German history and the willingness to be part of it with like minded pilots/tankers. Comradeship and willingness to be part of the whole will outweigh whatever abilities you have. We will work together to increase your skills if this is what you seek, but we need to work together. And yes we have a Team Speak and talk about Germany/Axis in WW2 and after.


Membership will be invitation only after you meet us on Team Speak. We have a very mature leadership and some members are over 40. We have retired military as well.


[PZFOR] Panzer Forces



Have a Mic and be on Team Speak when in game

Remember this will be a very mature clan and have many older members.


We do mostly Realistic Battles, Simulations, at times Arcade mode, and what ever else this game has to give us.


We will have both English and German speakers united for a German/Axis cause.


Rest assured, we have no political agenda or revolutionary goals. We are a group of individuals that tend to have a similar background: An intense interest in WWII, lots of reading and knowledge on the subject, a yearning to keep this fascinating piece of history alive, and a desire to understand a bit more about it from a War Thunder perspective. Again, we are no more anti-American then say a Confederate Civil War re-enactor, or a Red Coat re-enacting the American War of Independence. It is a hobby, not a way of life, and the hobby requires that both sides of the conflict be represented. Simple put, you can't play "Good Guys" and "Bad Guys" with only the "Good Guys" being represented.


We are not persecuted here because we have interest in German military history.


If you are interested in joining us, send me a Message. Join us and make your glory with comrades!


Our TeamSpeak is

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Hi @Clone_Engineer,


We're what I would call a "mature" international Squadron at Joint Task Force 76: It's not to say that we don't have younger player (18 to 30) but the majority of us and in particular the officers are more into the 30+ (or even like me 40+) age band. More importantly than age, maybe, we try to play seriously and competitively, even though we enjoy, like you, a good joke or Monty Python reference outside of battle (or Babylon 5 or any other classic series for that matter). 


We emphasize clear communication and good team work, skill development via training and experience. We don't like raging people, noisy ones or disrespectful behaviour of any kind. That doesn't mean we take ourselves too seriously either. 


Our TS server is at: 

Don't hesitate to visit to ask any question. Alternatively, you can always PM me directly here.

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Maybe this helps? - I just figured recruiters would look at my in-game profile ( and maybe you did and just kept 'walking' ? ) :dntknw:


  • Modes you play:  RB is focus, AB is OK but for me it tends to create bad habits that get you killed in RB, I have not tried SB yet
  • Type of vehicles you like playing the most: Ground & Air, I have not yet tried Naval
  • Preferred nations: I am working the German line mostly, but will eventually try them all.
  • Preferred game servers: I'm in the US - so better connection & ping are preferred, but if the server works, I don't care.
  • Your age: 54
  • Preferred language:
  • Preferred controller type: Mouse + Keyboard - I may try Joystick is that helps flying 
  • Timezone / available playing times: Central Time Zone (GMT-5) and generally play at 1900 CST ( 2400 GMT) hours during weekdays with some 'day' time during weekends. 
  • Preferred communication platform: I prefer Discord but Team-Speak is fine.

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Seeking all players that are looking to join 1 of the top 100 active squadrons, we play all game modes, but mostly Tank RB. all levels and br's are welcome as long as you are active you will progress very quickly. We have our own discord server. feel free to join and ask either me or any of my officers about us, they will be happy to answer them or direct you to someone that can. we are a friendly and active community. 21+ required. 





Squadron Commander

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WolfPack - High Command Communiqué

Attention: @Pilot looking for squadron

From: WolfPack High Command.


WolfPack War Thunder command is looking for players to join our existing male and female player base in War Thunder

See our recruitment video on YouTube

Our website:

Our member base number: 275 players.

Our in game tag: WFPK1


* Speak basic English
* Minimum age 18 or older
* Teamspeak voice communications (see tutorial link down bottom)


We do not just play War Thunder - we also have gaming divisions for World of Tanks : Asia, Word of Tanks : EU , Battlefield, Insurgency.

How to start?

Follow the tutorial on how to install teamspeak and wait in the lobby until someone contacts you


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Hey Clone_Eng, our [IIAC] squad's top players are right at your level and age. We are casual good time gamers. Not a large crew. Just a fun one. You are most welcome to join.


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Top100 Squadron Complete Khaos [KHAOS] is recruiting! We are looking for skilled and active players who wish to play competitively and/or casually. The only requirement is to be active and have at least level 30 and rank V ground or air. We are using Discord for communication.

You can contact me ingame - Deemah

Or join our Discord -


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