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Need Help Testing!!! Stormer HVM

Hey everyone!

So I noticed on one of the Thales brochures about the Starstreak it mentioned that the missile itself qualifies as an insensitive munition. 

Thus I went and dug out AOP-39E(3) and have come to the conclusion that the way the Stormer is modeled in game where someone can fire at the mast of the launcher to destroy the whole vehicle is incorrect.

Therefore I need some help (ha I have no friends) to as close as possible, recreate some of the tests in the AOP in order to just see how closely it follows the insensitive munitions guideline and then hopefully get a bug report pushed through so we're able to poke our launchers out without dying instantly. 

If you're interested in helping shoot me a message, and I'll link you to discord. Thanks everyone!

(I'll be online from 18:00 EST to roughly 0300EST the next two days)

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