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British Tanks with Night Sights or Thermal Sights

Hello! I thought we could have a thread to help gather UK vehicles that had Night Sights or Thermal Sights


Please include a link to evidence. It doesn't need to be Gaijin standard, just as a point to start off at.

Please also use the below template to help in reviewing the thread later!


Vehicle: Main Chassis Line

Varient: Specific Chassis Varient

Type: Active (requires IR emitter) / Passive IR / Thermal


History Discussion:

Game Discussion:




So to get started:

Vehicle: Cheiftain

Varient: Mk 11

Type: Thermal


History Discussion:

The Cheiftain Mk11 was a development of the Mk10, replacing the older searchlight with the externally mounted Thermal Optical Gunnery System (TOGS), which also included a laser range-finder. The Mk11 was the last model used by the British army before it was phased out .

Game Discussion:

As an otherwise identifcal tank to the Mk10, the Mk10 could simply be replaced by the Mk11, or have the TOGS as an installable upgrade.

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