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I Fear I May Be Turning British

11 hours ago, KHEEEEENSCREAM said:

Other than that, the Challengers aren't nearly as horrible as a lot of people make them out to be. They may have the worst mobility of their peers, but that isn't saying much as we're talking vehicles with a power to weight of 25:1 to 29:1. The thing about them is that you can't play them brain dead like you can with a Leopard 2A5 or an M1, and they kind of force you to think because they're slower than their peers, which is partly why I enjoy them.

I can play brain dead on AMX-40, wich is comparing to CR1 has no armor, has a worse rate of fire, worse depression. Tell you why? Because of the the freaking mobility, anomalous survivability which is always better than CRs "armor", best APFSDS at 9.7 in terms of penetration/damage and 20mm autocannon cleaning out enemy's light armored vehicles. 

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