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[Development] Night Vision Devices and Thermal Sights

In update 1.91, we will introduce the feature of night vision devices and thermal sights for armoured vehicles and helicopters. This important aspect of modern warfare will significantly change battles at higher ranks. Today we would like to share with you how these devices will be implemented in the game, about their differences and application features below.


Night vision devices will be implemented for those vehicles that used them in reality. Such equipment is divided into two large groups according to the principle of physical action - image intensifiers and thermal sights.

Image intensifiers


The principle of operation of such devices is the amplification of reflected or radiated light. At night, such devices enhance the visibility of objects in the reflected light of the moon and stars, and in cloudy weather or with insufficient visibility, an area can be illuminated with an infrared headlamp.


image image

(left side) Natural night illumination in Night Vision Devices  (right side)Infrared target illumination


Image intensifying night vision devices are divided into generations: if the first examples of such equipment had a short range of operation and could often be overexposed, then in later-generation devices, targets could be distinguished even at a distance of more than a kilometer. This division is rather arbitrary in the game and affects the clarity and range of the view. The early examples from the period at the end of World War II belong to the 1st generation. The first post-war MBTs were equipped with devices of 1st and 2nd generations. On vehicles from the 80-90s, devices of 2+ and 3rd generations are found. In the game, the night vision feature will be displayed only in those crew positions in which they were provided in real ground vehicles or helicopters - night sights for the gunner, commander, driver, and so on.

Thermal sights

image image

Night vision devices with a thermal imaging type of action capture infrared radiation from a specific wavelength and can be used both at night and in the daytime to get a clearer and sharper picture of the battle. Thermal sights able to distinguish different types of thermal signatures that contrast with the environment. For armoured vehicles, this is a hull, chassis, especially when driving (warming of tracks and wheels for wheeled vehicles is taken into account), the temperature rise of the gun when firing, as well as thermal radiation from the engine area and exhaust system. We will also add the ability to turn off the engine and its gradual cooling will, accordingly, reduce thermal visibility.


The engines of aircraft and helicopters contrast well in the infrared spectrum - an air-cooled piston engine heats up to 300 degrees Celsius and above, jet engines create even more heat. This will allow anti-aircraft guns with thermal imaging equipment to detect targets at very large distances.




By the release of update 1.91, night vision devices will be implemented for armoured vehicles and helicopters, and in the future such devices will also appear in aircraft that actually had them. For technology in the game, night vision devices can be obtained via researchable modification. To allow players the use of night vision devices of various types and generations more widely, in the rotation of ground and mixed battles the number of night battles will increase at those combat ratings where the vehicles are mainly equipped with night vision sights.


Night vision equipment completely changes the picture in modern battles in War Thunder. You can try out this cool feature with the release of update 1.91 very soon!

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