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Rptd: [] Sudden point gain in SB EC, instantly ending game in favour of losing team

1. Detailed description of the issue


Played a Rank 6 Simulator Battle Enduring Confrontation game between Soviets and the US. I was on the US side, and we had just regained lead in points, and were close to winning the game.


The Soviets had 137,022 points, while the US team had 147,915 points. Neither side was actively gaining points, so nobody was apparently in combat at the moment.


Suddenly, Soviet points jumped to 206,974 points, bringing them over the 150,000 point threshold, and this resulted in the Soviet team winning the game. That's a sudden gain of 69,952 points.


No messages of any kind of kills or any actions performed by players popped up. No notices of a mission failure, no notices of Soviets winning a mission, no airfields being destroyed etc.


Besides that, I don't think there are any events in the game that should give almost 70,000 points instantaneously, so my conclusion is that this is some kind of a bug.


Also annoyed that we didn't win even though we should have... but that's beside the point. ;)


Two most obvious candidates are:


a) points "lagging behind" of player actions and then "catching up", resulting in a large amount being given simultaneously, or;


b) something in the game is assigned incorrect point reward value (though I'm not sure what it could be considering nothing appeared to happen immediately before that point jump).


2. Affected game mode


Air Simulator Battle, EC, Rank 6.


3. Logs, replays, and a video of the issue


CLOG and client replay are attached to this post. Server replay is unavailable, since EC games do not produce server replays.


DxDiag log is included but most likely unnecessary since this must be a server side issue.




DxDiag.txt 2019_08_21_05_16_07__17192_massive_point_jump.clog 2019.08.21 06.36.00 massive point gain.wrpl

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Thanks for the report.

We will investigate, test and get back to you shortly,


Technical Moderation Team


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  Thank you for your interest and help improving the game.  

Your information has been forwarded to the Developers for their consideration.  

If there is anything further regarding this report a Technical Moderator will contact you.

Thank you again for your support.

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