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What was the 57th FG?

The 57th Fighter Group consisted of the 64th FS “Black Scorpions”, 65th FS “Fighting xxxx” and 66th FS “Exterminators”. It officially started combat operations in October 1942 over North Africa in P-40s and was later active over the Mediteranean and Southern Europe in P-47s until its demobilisation in the summer of 1945. It´s actions over Italy while based on Corsica are preserved in the documentary movie “Thunderbolt!”, which can be found on netflix or youtube.  


Who are we?

The 57th FG in warthunder exists since October 2015 and is an ENG-speaking squadron that focuses during its team-sessions exclusively on air/simulation mode. We fly milsim-style and try to use the abbreviations, formations and planes which were used by the original 57th FG in WWII, though other aircraft of the USAAF and USN are used as well. We focus on fighting against the mighty Luftwaffe as a team and getting everyone in our flight back to base. Since we intend to do our future flyouts with more than one element, we hope to expand our roster by looking for new pilots in this forum.


What do we offer?

Right now we have mainly members in NA & EU, hence a combined flyout (evening for the EU wing, mid-day for NA wing) is offered every Sunday. This may consist of training flights guided by experienced members, squad operations or participation in Warthunders Simulator Operations or Enduring Confrontation modes, according to attendance. Feel free to use our Discord if you need any tips and hints for becoming a virtual fighter-ace or to find some wingmen for a sporadic flight outside our regular flyouts. 


What do we expect?

Of course you share the 57th FG principles of clearing each others 6 while fighting as a formation and  you are able to take part on its events on a regular basis. The willingness to learn a small glossary for clear coms inside the squadron during battle should also be available. Whilst the use of  Discord and a mic during team sessions are mandatory, any player-level is welcome (though it would be cool if you had at least one rank 3 fighter from the US tech tree)! And at last: Have fun in the game!



       How to contact?

If you are interested in joining the 57th FG or have any questions, feel free to message below or contact me via pm or our members ingame.







Edit: Upsi Daisy, the name of the 65th FS got censored, imagine some male type of chicken  :blush:










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