T-28 Model 1940: Tried and Tested

T-28 (1940)  

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The T-28 Model 1940 was the last standard variant of the T-28, featuring a new conical main turret much like that found on the T-35 Model 1938. Only a small production of 12 tanks was created. 





When compared with the previous model of T-28, the Model 1938 (in-game), the only difference would be a slight increase in turret armor. However, the extra armor plates found on the T-28E would be more effective, while the standard armament of the T-28 is retained. With this in mind, the T-28 Model 1940 would sit well at battle rating 2.3 or possibly even 2.0. 





A T-28 Model 1940 in Leningrad, 1940. The new conical main turret and old cylindrical secondary turrets are clearly visible.


A knocked out Model 1940. Once again, the rest of the tank is unchanged; only the new turret. The L-10 gun can also be seen.


Another view of the same tank. 


As T-28 production continued  into the latter half of the 1930's, it was becoming apparent that the once world-class and formidable design was growing old. Combat in Finland with the existing tanks with only 30 mm of frontal armor and 20 mm of side armor proved that it wasn't enough. The short-term solution came in the form of the T-28E, with extra armor welded all around the tank. This proved to be a very successful move, although at the cost of a considerable amount of mobility. Another, more permanent and suitable solution was required.


Two years prior, in 1938, the failing T-35 design was equipped with conical turrets for its last 6 (out of 61) production tanks. Whereas the T-35 suffered from a wide variety of reliability and mobility issues, the T-28 did not. It was decided to transfer the same conical turrets over from the T-35 to the T-28 to help prolong its service life. Only the main turret with the 76,2 mm gun was ported over, but the gun was replaced by the L-10. As a result, the rear turret did not have a machine gun.


Only twelve of these new Model 1940 tanks were built before T-28 production ended. They were all lost in combat against the Germans in 1941, and none exist to this day.



6 (Commander, Driver, Gunner, Loader, 2 Machine Gunners)


7.44 m


2.87 m 


2.82 m

Ground Clearance

60 cm (number often varies; ranges 59-70 cm)


25.0 t (number often varies; maximum is 27.0 t)

Ground Pressure

0.72 kg/cm2

Track-Ground Contact

5.87 m (length), 41 cm (width)


M-17T V12 Petrol
500 hp at 1445 rpm

Power-to-Weight Ratio

18 hp/t


4 forward, 1 reverse


45 km/h (road), 20 km/h (cross-country)

(number often varies; ranges 35 - 64 km/h, usually 40-45 km/h on road)


650 L


220 km (road), 110 km (cross-country)


1.0 m (number often varies; minimum is 0.8 m)


3.5 m (number often varies; ranges 3.0-4.0 m)

Max Gradient

45 degrees (100%)

Max Fording Depth

1.0 m



 30 mm front

 20 mm sides

 20 mm rear

 15 mm roof

 16 mm floor


 30 mm front

 30 mm sides

 30 mm rear

 15 mm roof




1x L-10

3x DT (or 4x DT)


76,2 mm L-10 (70 Rounds)

Elevation: Manual, -5 to +25°

Traverse: Powered, 360°, 10.5°/s


7,62 mm DT x3 (7938 Rounds) or x4


 Elevation: Manual, -20 to +30°

 Traverse: As Primary Armament, 10° left and right without turning turret

Hull Turrets:

 Elevation: Manual, -30 to +30°

 Traverse: Manual, 10° left and 20° right without turning turret



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Open for discussion. :salute:

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+1, how many threads have you created in the last few weeks?  This has to be like the 10th so.


Usually I would vote low production vehicles as premium, but I don’t see why it shouldn’t be in a folder as there are plenty of low tier Soviet premiums, and 12 might be enough to justify a folder in the main tree.

I also love the look of the T-28, it’s large profile and multiple sub-turrets make it look cool.

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1 hour ago, Jarms said:

Was this variant ever upgraded to the E standard? Meaning having the new conical turret and the extra armour?

Nope. These twelve examples came too late for the winter war, the only time the uparmoring of T-28 tanks took place.

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