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KV-1 Model 1941 (Early): Long Arm

KV-1 (1941)  

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The KV-1 Model 1941 of earlier production is in most ways, like the KV-1 (ZiS-5) already in the game, which is itself a late-production Model 1941. The only difference worth noting is the lesser turret armor: the original KV-1's 75 mm instead of 90 mm. 




Visually, these tanks are nearly impossible to differentiate. The only difference is the turret ring under the turret bustle; the 75 mm armor version has the armor rounded, while the 90 mm version has it squared off. This makes the tank a straddle between the KV-1 (L-11) and KV-1 (ZiS-5), making it fit nicely at battle rating 4.0. (RB)


The tank in this photograph has the later type road wheels on the first through fifth road wheels. They were take from a KV-1S before being placed in a museum. The last road wheel is definitely of the older type found on the Model 1939, Model 1940, and much of the early Model 1941 production. 



As with my KV-1 Model 1940 post, the preview presented above has basically already underlined all the information to be presented here. 





The old turret shape and old road wheels are visible on this example. The gun is also definitely the ZiS-5, as it is far too long to be the L-11 or F-32.


Another early Model 1941 with the early type turret. This one has an alternative pattern of road wheels, which were found about halfway through Model 1941 production.




This hull clearly has the old road wheels of the Model 1939 and Model 1940. It is a bit harder to tell, but the extra armor is present as well. However, the gun is very definitely the long-barreled ZiS-5. The turret ring underneath the bustle looks squared off, but it is indeed rounded. The lighting plays with its appearance.


This KV-1 has the intermitted road wheels found partway through Model 1941 production. The turret is definitely of the older, less armored type. 




(Frankly, this is the third time I'm writing the production history of the KV-1, so this will be brief. If you want a more in-depth look, please look to my two other KV-1 suggestions: and


After the creation of the KV-1 Model 1940, uparmored and armed with the F-32 gun, the need was once again seen to up-gun the KV-1. The T-34 had recently been fitted with the powerful F-34 gun, leaving the L-11 and F-32-armed KV-1 tanks behind in firepower. To match it, the F-34 gun was adapted into the ZiS-5. This was a special version designed for the KV-1, but was overall very similar.


The ZiS-5 was fitted to the KV-1 chassis in the first half of 1941, creating the Model 1941. Otherwise, the platform was unchanged. The hull armor of 75 mm + 25 mm was retained, as was the original turret with 75 mm thick armor. 


In June 1941, it was discovered that, while standard German AT guns struggled against the KV-1's armor, heavier guns such as the 88 mm AA guns or 105 mm field howitzers could become potent tank killers. As such, plans were quickly made to up-armor the KV-1 again. The Model 1940 tanks with the F-32 gun were converted to the KV-1E, while the Model 1941 began production with a new turret with 90 mm of armor. However, the KV-1 was still losing out to the T-34. Despite some further improvements and the creation of the KV-1S, production of the KV-1 ended in 1943.


The Model 1941 with the thinner-armored turret was produced in fairly limited quantities, as far as photographic evidence is concerned. 




5 (Commander, Driver, Gunner, Loader, Radio Operator)


6.75 m


3.32 m


2.71 m

Ground Clearance

0.45 m


44.0 t (+/- 1.0 t)

Ground Pressure

0.72 kg/cm2


V-2K V12 diesel
600 hp at 1800 rpm

Power-to-Weight Ratio

13.6 hp/t


5 forward, 1 reverse


35 km/h (road), 16 km/h (cross-country)


[Unknown] L


200 km (road), 130 km (cross-country)


[Unknown] m


2.70 m

Max Gradient


Max Fording Depth

1.6 m



 75+25 mm front

 75 (+25) mm sides

 70 mm rear

 30 mm roof

 40 mm floor (front)

 30 mm floor (rear)


 75 mm front

 75 mm sides

 75 mm rear

 40 mm roof




1x ZiS-5

3x DT


76,2 mm ZiS-5 (114 Rounds)

Elevation: Manual, -6 to +20°

Traverse: Powered, 360°, 7°/s


7,62 mm DT x3 (3074 Rounds)


Traverse: Same as primary armament

Elevation: Same as primary armament


 Traverse: Manual

 Elevation: Manual

 Traverse: Manual

 Elevation: Manual




1 - KV-1 & 2 Heavy Tanks 1939-1945 by Steven Zalova, Jim Kinnear, and Peter Sarson

2 - Russian Tanks of World War II - Stalin's Armoured Might by Tim Bean and Will Fowler

3 -

4 -КВ-1

5 -

6 -

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