KV-1 Model 1940: Half an Upgrade

KV-1 (1940)  

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The KV-1 Model 1940 was a production tank halfway between the L-11 and ZiS-5 tanks we currently have in game, being armed with the F-32. In fact, it is the same as the KV-1E, but without the extra turret armor.




This tank is a partial improvement over the KV-1 (L-11). It has the same mobility, and a gun which is only slightly better. Meanwhile, its hull armor was increased through welding extra plates. It would fit nicely at 3.7, especially considering that its uparmored brother, the KV-1E, sits at 4.0. (RB)



As already stated, this tank is differentiated from the KV-1 (L-11) by its marginally better gun and the new hull armor. There isn't much to say in this section, compared to some of my other "Overview" sections on other suggestions.




The F-32 gun is clear in this photo; the ZiS-5 has a similar shape, but is longer and more rounded.


A burning KV-1E. Again, the hard-edged shape of the F-32 can be seen. Additionally, the road wheels are the same as those on the Model 1939, something which wouldn't be changed until later in Model 1941 production.




One of the Model 1940 tanks without the extra armor. The F-32 gun is clearly defined.


A standard production Model 1940. The short F-32 gun is visible, alongside the uparmored hull.KV1_heavy_tank_rear.jpg

The rest of the hull is unchanged from the KV-1 Model 1939 (L-11).



During the initial design phases of the SMK and KV-1, it was known that the L-11 gun's firepower wasn't all that great, and that something more powerful was needed. The most popular choice to up-gun these heavy tanks was the F-32 gun of the same 76,2 mm caliber. However, problems with the early design meant that its production would be delayed.


After the KV-1 was approved for production and service, the F-32 gun was back on the table. The Model 1939, armed with the L-11 gun, was soon supplanted by the Model 1940 with the F-32 gun. Additionally, extra 25 mm plates of armor were added to the front and upper sides of the hull.* However, the F-32 really was not much of an upgrade. It offered a slightly higher muzzle velocity, with slightly higher armor penetration, and that was about it. It didn't take long for Soviet officials to realize this either, and plans were soon made to up-gun the KV-1 again.


In January 1941, the T-34 began production with the F-34 gun. In order to remain competitive with the T-34, the KV-1 needed an equal or better gun. As such, the F-34 was adapted into the ZiS-5, and fitted to the Model 1940's turret, creating the Model 1941.


When war broke out with the Germans, the KV-1's 75 mm-thick armor proved to be powerful against German 37 mm and 50 mm anti-tank guns. However, it became susceptible to fire from 88 mm and 105 mm guns. Very quickly, uparmoring plans were made for the KV-1, which manifested itself in two ways: the KV-1E, and thicker turret armor for the KV-1 Model 1941. The KV-1E was, at least according to photographic evidence, a modification only found on the Model 1940 tanks. It involved bolting additional armor to the turret sides and front. Meanwhile, Model 1941 tanks had their turrets were thickened to 90 to 100 mm, depending on whether they were built of the standard welded or new cast production.


In the end, this uparmoring proved futile, as it made the suspension overstressed, the tank even heavier and slower, and overall just less desirable as a tank. By 1943, after several other attempts to save it, the KV-1 ended production.


*There is some sparse photographic evidence of Model 1940 tanks without the extra armor. It is possible that these were Model 1939 tanks that were knocked out and re-armed, or were some of the earliest production Model 1940s which did not receive the extra armor.




5 (Commander, Driver, Gunner, Loader, Radio Operator)


6.75 m


3.32 m


2.71 m

Ground Clearance

0.45 m


44.0 t (+/- 1.0 t)

Ground Pressure

0.72 kg/cm2


V-2K V12 diesel
600 hp at 1800 rpm

Power-to-Weight Ratio

13.6 hp/t


5 forward, 1 reverse


35 km/h (road), 16 km/h (cross-country)


[Unknown] L


200 km (road), 130 km (cross-country)


[Unknown] m


2.70 m

Max Gradient


Max Fording Depth

1.6 m



 75 mm + 25 mm front

 75 mm (+ 25 mm) sides

 70 mm rear

 30 mm roof

 30 mm floor


 75 mm front

 75 mm sides

 75 mm rear

 40 mm roof




1x F-32

3x DT


76,2 mm F-32 (111 Rounds)

Elevation: Manual, -6 to +20°

Traverse: Powered, 360°, 7°/s


7,62 mm DT x3 (3074 Rounds)


Traverse: Same as primary armament

Elevation: Same as primary armament


 Traverse: Manual

 Elevation: Manual

 Traverse: Manual

 Elevation: Manual



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