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israel in the game

Why They Added Israeli Tanks And Forget Other Arabian Countries Are They Bias Isreal.

Lets Be Honest The Isreali tanks Is Not That Powerful The  Sho't Kal Dalet It's based On Centurion Mk 10 There is no Big Difference To Add This Tank But They Make It In Israeil on 1974 With 105mm Cannon.

And The Vautour IIA/IDF It's The Same Plane S.O.4050 Vautour Wait It's Have Shafrir Missiles We Should Add This Plane 

Merkava Mk.1 We Don't Have The Time to Make a New Cannon Just Make a New Hull With xxxx Homogeneous Armour What's The Point When You Have a Good Cannon Without Armored Hull.

It's Israeli Tanks Give Them a Good Battle Rating                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     War Thunder Won't Add Another Arabian Tanks Cause They Bias Isreal. There Is Alot of Tank Made In Iraq,Egyptian,Syria,etc

Let's take a Look






My Point Is Why They Added Alot of Israeli Vehicles When We Have A Better Countries I don't mean They Should Add Arabian Tanks But We Need To Social equality

Sorry If I Make Grammar Mistakes My English Is Weak


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Please post your thread in the proper section, also there is no bias towards Israel, dunno why you think that. 


If you have a tank suggestion then use the suggestion section.

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