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8/7/19 A2D-1 Skyshark G-Suit (Lack of)

1. A detailed description of the issue you have encountered. It is also important that you describe how we can reproduce the issue, if you are able to reproduce it.

The A2D-1 Skyshark is missing the g-suit modification.


2. If applicable, the full name(s) of the vehicle(s) affected.

A2D-1 Skyshark


3. If applicable, the difficulty setting (e.g. Arcade) in which the issue occurs.

All difficulty settings as this is a issue with a missing modification.


4. If applicable, an attached screenshot showing the issue, as well the client reply file and the server replay.


This is the current modifications available to the A2D-1 Skyshark.


5. Attach the Client Log of the session in which the error occurred. If the problem is persistent, attach the latest one available.

See attached.


6. Attach your system's current DxDiag Log.

Not applicable to this issue.


7. If possible, link a short video showcasing the issue.

See #4.


8. Detailed description of the fix you suggest. Provide sources including references that underline your position. This is up to the discretion of the Technical Moderator handling the report, however the number of sources required depends on the type of source presented.

A g-suit modification should be added. Now, finding the Pilot's Flight Operating Manual for the XA2D-1/A2D-1 Skyshark seems a little impossible, but I did find two photographs of two of the pilots that seem to be wearing g-suits. In addition to that, you should keep in mind that many late-WWII American aircraft (1945) were also issued g-suits, as was the F-80A Shooting Star (1945) and F3D-1 Skyknight (1951) and the A2D-1 Skyshark is a 1950 aircraft.




Picture one



Picture two




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  • Senior Technical Moderator





Thank you for your report.


Given the current sources used (2 unreferenced images with an assumption that 'it seem to be G-suit'), the technical team cannot process the report further at the moment. 


It does not meet Gaijin source policy.



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  • Rapitor changed the title to [Feedback] A2D-1 Skyshark G-Suit (Lack of)

It appears in the two images presented that the pilots are wearing just flight suits as the g-suit is not a "coverall" suit which is worn.  The g-suit (not to be confused with a full pressure suit for high-altitude flying) typically fits around the waist and the thighs and  calves too, that way when the pilot makes a maneuver which increases the g-load, the g-suit bladders fill and squeeze the waist and legs to restrict the flow of blood, keeping it from draining from the upper body into the legs and causing the pilot to black out. 


Here are some examples of g-suits worn by pilots:
















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While I cannot find the actual A2D-1 manual either (at least not for free), the following supports @TheTurtleTanker position:

Screenshot from the in-game cockpit (using CDK to move around the cockpit better and brightened up because I couldn't get the shadow to move) shows a panel labelled "Anti-Blackout Control" (areas with numbers are for comparison to the F11F manual below):



First, note that the Douglas D-552 Skystreak manual uses the term "Anti-Blackout" to refer the G-Suit system:

https://books.google.com/books?id=5nkKmC8FXP4C&pg=PA40&lpg=PA40&dq=Anti-blackout+control&source=bl&ots=VyV2gp0CPk&sig=ACfU3U09MBw43qnBNfViuIINTqSK71WOmg&hl=de&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjXrenuoaPjAhUmHTQIHchMBdcQ6AEwCHoECAYQAQ#v=onepage&q=Anti-blackout control&f=false


Taking input from another US military aircraft manual the following is observed:

F11F Tiger Manual (again using the term "Anti-Blackout"):

https://books.google.com/books?id=Bk_7eLUuPW4C&pg=PA5&lpg=PA5&dq=Anti-blackout+control&source=bl&ots=WiYlhUgCev&sig=ACfU3U3DtsSo9JsSGWToyAJF60SiX_-JWQ&hl=de&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjXrenuoaPjAhUmHTQIHchMBdcQ6AEwCnoECAcQAQ#v=onepage&q=Anti-blackout control&f=false


#1 is the receptacle for the G-Suit tube, which looks very close to the 3D cockpit model in CDK screenshot (taking into account that the 3D model is of reduced fidelity as it is in an area that is outside of view usually)

#2 is the Valve Control Knob, which again is modelled in the 3D cockpit model (there in black color)


Best regards,



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  • Senior Technical Moderator

well, the pictures were not enough, but given the rarity of the A2D-1 and the fact the the cockpit proved to be modelled with some kind of G-suit compatible system, that will be good enough.


In doubt, the documentation at hand from Gaijin will let the devs decide.

Your Bug Report is submitted.


This thread is now archived.

If you wish to add extra information to the report, please send them to a Technical Moderator, mentioning this report and with the documents attached.


In the eventuality of a need for further information, you will be contacted by Private Message by the Technical Moderation team.


Thank you for helping us improving the game.



Rapitor, for the ™ team

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  • Rapitor changed the title to 8/7/19 A2D-1 Skyshark G-Suit (Lack of)
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