18/7/19 Hunter F1/F6 Elevator lockup

Currently the Hunter F6 is experiencing an elevator lockup that makes it pull practically the same Gs as the F1 around Mach 0.9

Compared to much much higher G forces below mach 0.9


This is despite the Hunter F6 introducing an all flying tail as can be seen from this excerpt of the Hunter F6 pilot's notes.

https://gyazo.com/8464a65a9885341efd2b5d9f88d5ccf0 (Front page)


https://gyazo.com/897825fe9dbaa42e4f1adfa1c390ecee As you can see from these two excerpts the follow up tailplane offers greater manoeuvrability past 0.9 Mach however the Hunter F6 is still locking up at these speeds.


Suggested fix: Improve the Hunter F6's tailplane response above Mach 0.9 to differentiate it from the F1, and whilst you're at it fix the visual bug of the all flying tail moving, which is simply a bit lazy considering Gaijin have said they knew about it when they were developing the aircraft.


CLOG attatched: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9a09uti2w3z4oos/2019_07_06_17_32_58__5528.clog?dl=0


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Both F1 and F6 had an all moving tail for transonic operation.


Unless you have data showing that the F6 should pull more G because XXX, both aircraft are expected to have similar behavior.


I will try again, but last time that I checked, both aircraft were very close in maximum load performance.


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Your Bug Report is submitted.


This thread is now archived.

If you wish to add extra information to the report, please send them to a Technical Moderator, mentioning this report and with the documents attached.


In the eventuality of a need for further information, you will be contacted by Private Message by the Technical Moderation team.


Thank you for helping us improving the game.



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