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T-34-85 Model 1946

T-34-85 (1946)  

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The T-34-85 Model 1946 (обр. 1946), like the Model 1945, was a late-war/post-war T-34-85 variant which saw some small revisions and improvements compared to the T-34-85 Model 1944 in-game and the T-34-85 Model 1945.





Much like my suggestion for the Model 1945, the first question that comes to mind is probably, "What makes this any different from the T-34-85 we currently have in-game?" Once again, the differences aren't very great or numerous, but they are there.


The T-34-85 Model 1946 was produced from the second half of 1945 to 1946. While it technically succeeded the Model 1945, many tanks produced after the Model 1946 ended up reverting some of the changes made for it. The Model 1946 kept all of the design features of the Model 1945; the new powered turret traverse, enlarged cupola, and MDSh smoke dischargers. However, for the Model 1946, the turret ventilators were also changed, such that one was kept at the rear (intake) while the other was moved forward, above the cannon breech (outtake). The engine was also upgraded to the V-2-34M, a slight boost over the previous V-2-34.





A diagram of the Model 1946 turret. The label for the gun mantle is incorrect, as most examples still kept the grooves.


The new casting seam can be seen in this photograph, along with the new ventilators.


The casting, viewed from the other side.




The existing MDSh smoke canister and the mounting can clearly be seen in this example, as with the twin-ventilators. It is not possible to see the different engine due to how similar they are.



In January 1945, Plant No. 112 began adding new, larger cupolas and MDSh smoke discharge canisters to their T-34-85s. However, a report from December 1944 showed that they desired to add more. Among these changes was an improvement to turret ventilation by moving one of the two vents to the front of the turret. The rear vent would become the intake while the forward would be the outtake.


In late 1945, Plant No. 112, the sole remaining producer of T-34s, created the Model 1946. It included a revised turret casting, the new twin-ventilator system, and an engine upgrade, from the V-2-34 to the V-2-34M, granting an additional 20 horsepower. Later production tanks also had a revised hull stowage, deleting one of the external fuel tanks.


The T-34-85 would end production in 1946 in the Soviet Union, but would be produced elsewhere for several more years. Strangely, most of those tanks would be produced to a tweaked version of the Model 1945, rather than the better Model 1946.




5 (Commander, Driver, Gunner, Loader, Radio Operator)


6.10 m (hull), 8.15 m (with gun)


3.00 m


2.72 m

Ground Clearance

0.4 m


32.0 t

Ground Pressure

0.78 kg/cm2

Track-Ground Contact

3.72 m long, 0.55 m wide

Turn Radius

7.6 m


V-2-34M V12 diesel
520 hp at 1800 rpm

Power-to-Weight Ratio

16.3 hp/t


5 forward, 1 reverse


55 km/h (road), 30 km/h (cross-country)


540 L + 180 L External


300 km (road), 180 km (cross-country)


0.8 m


2.5 m

Max Gradient


Max Fording Depth

1.3 m



 45 mm front

 45 mm sides

 45 mm rear

 20 mm roof

 13 mm floor


 90 mm front

 75 mm sides

 52 mm rear

 20 mm roof

 90 mm cupola


2x MDSh smoke canisters


1x ZiS-S-53

2x DT


85 mm ZiS-S-53 (60 Rounds)

Elevation: Manual, -5 to +22°

Traverse: Powered, 360°, 17°/s


7,62 mm DT x2 (1890 Rounds)

Coaxial: Traverse and Elevation same as Primary

Hull: Manual traverse and Elevation





The new casting shape is clearly visible on this turret.


The smoke dischargers are not present on this example.


This is a photograph dated to 7 November 1945. 


Again, the smoke dischargers are missing, but the distinctive turret casting is visible. It is still impossible to tell the difference between the different engines.


A close-up of the front of the turret.



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Here is the T-34-85 Model 1945 suggestion that is referenced so often in this passage.

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Open for discussion. :salute:

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Since I am lazy, copy paste from the T-34-85 (1945) post:



+1, I hope we get more variants of existing tanks, and especially 1945+, there are literally hundreds missing from the game.



I been working on a BR decompression suggestion, suggesting how BR decompression could honestly solve like 80% of all balance issues 5.7 and higher.    In this, I suggest splitting 5.7 in half, have a 5.7 and a 6.0 (and 6.0s go to 6.3), as there are two different strengths of tanks at 5.7 — such as the Tiger H1, T-34-85 (post nerf), M36, and more that are lesser than the more elite side of 5.7, such as the Tiger E, IS-2, M25, etc.


How this relates is I specifically was thinking about how if we have this, we have perfect places for future T-34-85s.  For example:


T-34-85 obr. 1943 (DT) — 5.3

T-34-85 obr. 1944 — 5.7 [with M36, Tiger H1, etc.]

T-34-85 obr. 1945 — 6.0 [with Tiger E, T25, IS-2]

T-34-85 obr. 1946 (this version could get BR-367 APCBC to help it?) — 6.3 [current 6.0 equivalent]

Then the T-34-85 obr. 1960 and T-34-85M would be higher, with the best ammunition they could fire (could they fire 85mm HEAT-FS?  I don’t see why they couldn’t).

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