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T-34-85 Model 1945


T-34-85 (1945)  

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  1. 1. Should the T-34-85 Model 1945 be implemented?

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The vehicle in question for suggestion? A late-war T-34-85 variant, known as T-34-85 Model 1945 (T-34-85 обр. 1945), which saw a number of small tweaks and improvements over the current T-34-85 we have in-game.






Your initial thoughts are probably this: "What makes this any different from the T-34-85 we currently have in-game?" Well, the differences are fairly minor.


The T-34-85 Model 1945 was produced from January 1945 to shortly after the end of the war, when Model 1946 production took over. It had a revised powered turret traverse, an enlarged commander's cupola with a one-piece hatch, and the MDSh smoke system on the rear of the hull. Otherwise, it was nearly the same as the T-34-85 Model 1944 currently in game.






A diagram of the Model 1945 turret.


The lip under the cupola and bulge for the new electrical turret traverse can be seen.



From the other side, the Model 1945 turret looks very similar to the Model 1944 turret. 


A comparison between the twin-hatch cupola (left) and the single-hatch cupola (right)

T35-85_bashnia_narygnaia.jpg T35-85_bashnia_narygnaia_1.jpg

Two more photos of a T-34-85 Model 1945 showing details of the notable turret changes. A PPSh-41 does obstruct the view somewhat.



The inside of the turret of the Model 1945. The extra space gouged out of the armor to make way for the new electrical turret traverse can clearly be seen.




The MDSh smoke canisters are very prominently located on the rear of this T-34-85 Model 1945.


In this photograph, both the new cupola and the MDSh smoke system are visible to the far left. 


In this photo, the single-piece hatch can be seen again, as well as the mounting points for the MDSh smoke canisters.



In early 1944, the first production of T-34-85s with the ZiS-S-53 began, quickly becoming standard in all 3 major factories: Plant No. 112, Ural Tractor Plant (UTZ), and Plant No. 174.

T-34 turrets had always been electrically powered, but the old system found on the 76 mm tanks, as well as earlier production 85 mm tanks (both D-5T and ZiS-S-53) used effectively the same, rather cumbersome system. In Summer of 1944, a new turret traverse mechanism was introduced to the tank, which had a much more ergonomic setup. However, it was just a bit too large for the turret walls, so an extra bulge in the armor was made for it. 


In December of that same year, No. 112, the creator of the T-34-85, submitted a series of proposals to improve the T-34-85 to GABTU (The Main Armored Directorate). These proposals were:

  • Replacement of the 2-piece commander hatch with a single piece
  • Adding a 16-round "ready-rack" to the turret bustle
  • Doubling the turret rotation speed
  • Improving turret ventilation by moving one of the two vents to the front of the turret, with the rear vent being the intake, and the front vent being the outtake

In January 1945, of the listed proposals, only the single-piece hatch of the cupola was added. However, in an unrelated move, smoke discharge canisters were also added to the rear of the tanks. 


After the war, Plant No. 112 went on to produce the Model 1946, which incorporated most of the other requests from 1944. The split turret ventilators and revised hull stowage were among the major changes.




5 (Commander, Driver, Gunner, Loader, Radio Operator)


6.10 m (hull), 8.15 m (with gun)


3.00 m


2.72 m

Ground Clearance

0.4 m


32.0 t

Ground Pressure

0.78 kg/cm2

Track-Ground Contact

3.72 m long, 0.55 m wide

Turn Radius

7.6 m


V-2-34 V12 diesel
500 hp at 1800 rpm

Power-to-Weight Ratio

15.6 hp/t


5 forward, 1 reverse


55 km/h (road), 30 km/h (cross-country)


540 L + 180 L External


300 km (road), 180 km (cross-country)


0.8 m


2.5 m

Max Gradient


Max Fording Depth

1.3 m



 45 mm front

 45 mm sides

 45 mm rear

 20 mm roof

 13 mm floor


 90 mm front

 75 mm sides

 52 mm rear

 20 mm roof

 90 mm cupola


2x MDSh smoke canisters


1x ZiS-S-53

2x DT


85 mm ZiS-S-53 (60 Rounds)

Elevation: Manual, -5 to +22°

Traverse: Powered, 360°, 17°/s


7,62 mm DT x2 (1890 Rounds)

Coaxial: Traverse and Elevation same as Primary

Hull: Manual traverse and Elevation




Based upon the photographs of the T-34-85s above, as well as numerous others, the following conclusions can be made with relative certainty.

  1. All 3 major T-34 factories which produced T-34-85s, Plant No. 112, Plant No. 174, and UTZ, all produced the Model 1945 in some capacity. Since Plant No. 112 was the first to begin production, they likely had the largest number produced, but the total is not known. Regardless, this means that all 4 major types of road wheels could be found on the Model 1945: the Dish (i.e. T-34-85E), the Late Dish (SU-100), the early Spokes (T-34 1942), and the late Spokes (T-34-85).
  2. All the production features of late Model 1944 tanks were transferred to the Model 1945. This includes the bulge for the turret traverse, the lack of a fairing for the pistol ports, the flattened portion on the sides of the turret, the "wedge" lifting hooks on the turret, the squarish weld seams, square fenders, and the ribs along the turret ring and base. These features are all present on the current T-34-85 modeled in game.
  3. The Model 1945 should have effectively zero difference in mobility from the Model 1944.
  4. Many post-war T-34-85s produced in Czechoslovakia were also to this standard, but had a much smoother appearance and different weld seam configuration.



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4 - Soviet Tanks in Combat 1941-1945: The T-28, T-34, T-34-85 and T-44 Medium Tanks by Steven J. Zaloga, Jim Kinnear, Andrey Aksenov & Aleksandr Koshchavtsev 

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Open for discussion. :salute:

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+1, I hope we get more variants of existing tanks, and especially 1945+, there are literally hundreds missing from the game.



I been working on a BR decompression suggestion, suggesting how BR decompression could honestly solve like 80% of all balance issues 5.7 and higher.    In this, I suggest splitting 5.7 in half, have a 5.7 and a 6.0 (and 6.0s go to 6.3), as there are two different strengths of tanks at 5.7 — such as the Tiger H1, T-34-85 (post nerf), M36, and more that are lesser than the more elite side of 5.7, such as the Tiger E, IS-2, M25, etc.


How this relates is I specifically was thinking about how if we have this, we have perfect places for future T-34-85s.  For example:


T-34-85 obr. 1943 (DT) — 5.3

T-34-85 obr. 1944 — 5.7 [with M36, Tiger H1, etc.]

T-34-85 obr. 1945 — 6.0 [with Tiger E, T25, IS-2]

T-34-85 obr. 1946 (this version could get APCBC to help it?) — 6.3 [current 6.0 equivalent]

Then the T-34-85 obr. 1960 and T-34-85M would be higher, with the best ammunition they could fire (could they fire 85mm HEAT-FS?  I don’t see why they couldn’t).

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