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16/6/19 PB4Y-2 # of crew incorrect or not displayed properly

okay so straight to the point, while viewing the X-Ray for the PB4Y-2 (French Bomber) (Rank 4, BR 5.7) I counted only 8 crew members however it listed 12 crew members


Screenshot 2019.06.15 16.22.32 (should be the first one) is just to show it lists 12 crew. the other three screenshots give multiple angles indicating there are only 8 that can be accounted for


Note: I wasn't sure whether to post this under the 'historical bugs' or the 'model bugs' section sorry in advance modertors


EDIT: It has come to my attention that both the American and French PB4Y-2's have the same issue with number of crew, I understand not to post more than 1 issue per topic but uhhhh this is a general PB4Y-2 issue. so with that said im going to post that in here as well instead of a separate topic. to clarify the first 4 screenshots are the French PB4Y-2 and the last 4 are of the United States PB4Y-2.



shot 2019.06.15 16.22.32.jpg

shot 2019.06.15 16.31.03.jpg

shot 2019.06.15 16.32.02.jpg

shot 2019.06.15 16.32.45.jpg

shot 2019.06.15 16.41.48.jpg

shot 2019.06.15 16.41.59.jpg

shot 2019.06.15 16.42.08.jpg

shot 2019.06.15 16.48.59.jpg

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