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Fog of war, spotting and mechanics


Hello Gaijin,


As a committed 5-6 year player, tester, squadron battles player etc may I suggest few changes to the World War mode which will certainly add depth into the game:

Fog of war and spotting:

1. On strategic map fog of war needs to be introduced. Since this is a very good war simulator game there is no reason to neglect one of the fundamental principles of warfare, which is spotting, command and control. For example I suggest that friendly units on the strategic map have 1 hex spotting range, while you may develop and introduce specialized non-battle-playable recon ground units with greater spotting range ("Panzer General 2" players among you will recognize this) Perhaps even add air recon units, again non playable on the battlefield (auto-combat).

2. On the battlefield those markers need to be removed for the ground units because flanking runs are effectively non existent as it is now. Only difficulty here is for example locating the AI convoy in convoy missions. Those AI vehicles may retain to be spotted so the players can focus on the mission and not go wonder off to god knows where. Also markers of the AI convoy needs to stay for the planes, while player vehicles need to go "stealth" as is in the realistic battles.


Strategic map improvements:
1. You may consider introducing more unit types for the strategic map. Example - adding towed AT units which are non-playable (autocombat) so the game can add more "rock-paper-scisors" depth. If tank unit runs into AT it goes into autocombat and suffers heavy losses and/or is defeated, same way as the arty is defeated when tanks run into it. AT though can easily be beaten by infantry unit.

2. Adding scouting units which cannot capture hexes and doesnt suffer from "no supply surrender mechanics" but can harass the arty.



1. Adding the option for the strategic commander to edit (or create) the units from existing pool of vehicles (Kampfgruppe tactics). As it is now - there is a timer for a specific unit until it reaches the battlefield then it is deployed. Why not allow for multiple units to be created out of this pool of vehicles and/or adding the possibility for the existing units to be reinforced after taking damage (locking them in place with the timer while "reinforcing" etc). If this is introduced dont forget to put a cap on number of units possible to have otherwise people will just abuse and spam this into oblivion with millions of units on the map (recon units included)



1. Auto-combat needs to take less time. Its too long as it is now.

2. Currently there is an exploit where airplanes can "lock up" and immobilize any unit on the battlefield while some other enemy unit goes pass them, surrounds them, cuts it off. Doesnt matter if the planes win because they dont have "morale". This exploit needs to be addressed.

3. Air raid on large formations: As it is now planes can attack large tank units well beyond the front line. With ground morale of 50 you only need to strike twice and entire unit is destroyed. Perhaps thoughts on reducing or eliminating the morale loss from such mission needs to be addressed.



1. AI convoys needs to be spread apart or the mission itself needs to be rethought. As it is now you wait 5-10 min to get into the battle and then 10-15 A-26 bombers win the mission on the first pass with entire battle lasting under 2 mins. Not really good for the player satisfaction on either side.

2. Defense missions:AT guns need a nerf. As it is, they shoot from obscene ranges, through bushes and cover to one-shot player tanks. As it is now only way of effectively dislodging them is by use of airplanes.

Thank you for reading this and keep up the good work



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