Falaise Pocket 1944 Event

Hello there. It's time for the announcement of next event. This time Falaise pocket 1944. Will Germans break through? Or maybe allies will destroy German armoured fist? Join us on 15th June at 8pm CEST. To participate connect ts3 at required time.

-Historical battles
-Tactical gameplay
-Huge maps
-Historical vehicles

Event teaser:






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Unofficial translation of the air battle report (original is in the Polish forum section)

On 16/06/2019 at 22:56, woolfman said:

Hello, this is the air forces' report from saturday, 15th of June 2019.

Although this was a tank battle, some interesting things also happened in the air so, for the sake of remembering the event, here's a bunch of facts.

As written in my previous posts, we played an asymmetric scenario where German forces had to escape the encirclement that was facing them near Falaise and Chambois.

In practice this meant that the germans had to capture a point at the center of the map and then capture another point at the end that would allow them to go out of encirclement and win the battle. The Britain/USA team had to prevent that using their spawning points located around German positions.


The battles took 15 and 62 minutes respectively. The first battle was a surprise for the allies, because they forgot the point of the battle and let a few german Pumas slip through, which opened a corridor for escape and won the scenario. After swapping sides the Brits did their homework and "tightened the bag", preventing German tanks from going through. Nevertheless, there was still some interesting action in the battle as the Germans destroyed 31 tanks and 8 planes, while the Allies got 19 tanks and 8 planes. The Germans were really close to winning that battle.

Below is a short commentary to both battles.


Battle 1

The battle happened, that's all I can say about it. 33 players took part, 18 on the Allied side and 15 on the German side. The British shot down 1 plane and destroyed 3 enemy tanks. The Germans shot down 3 planes and destroyed 5 tanks, winning the battle with the aforementioned pumas (Sd.Kfz. 234/2).


Battle 2

After swapping sides, 31 players (17 Brits, 14 Germans) took part in the second battle. In the German team, 4 pilots took off with 2 x Fw 190 A-8, 1 x Bf 109 G-6 and 1 Ju 87 D-3, while the British team also had 4 pilots flying 2 x P-47D-28, 1 x P-51D-5 and one Typhoon Mk Ib.

Both sides had roughly similar objectives. Fighters had to fly around the battlefield and protect friendly attack aircraft, whose job was obvious.

After takeoff, the German planes climbed to 1500 m while looking for hostile attack aircraft. The first contact happened after about 5 mins of flying, above the battlefield area, just when the allies were preparing to drop bombs on a German column. The Focke-Wulfs jumped the attackers and shot down one P-47 and a Mustang while losing one machine. A short time after that an English Typhoon sent a Ju 87 crew to the other side. Despite the apparent balance of forces, the Brits gained the upper hand in the first part of the fight. The German Focke-Wulfs were flying too low for combat maneuvers which costed them 2 more planes. After about 13 minutes the score in downed planes was 2-2 and 4-4 in lost planes, mostly due to spinning out at low altitudes or dangerous maneuvers just above the ground.

After using all their Focke's, the Germans regrouped with two Bf 109, a Bf 110 and a Ju 87. The same events basically happened again and low-altitude combat continued. The score was even once again with 4-4 destroyed planes, although the allies additionally destroyed two German ground vehicles.

After about 30 mins the Germans were left with only one Bf 109 G-6 pilot while the Brits had two pilots, yet the 109's pilot took them both out. The Bf 109's glory didn't last long though, as in the 51st minute the English destroyed that 109 and began hunting ground targets.

The overall battle ended after 62 minutes with an allied victory on the ground. The Polish-speaking team "closed the bottle" and didn't let the Germans pass through.


The numbers of the second air battle were the following:

Britain/USA: shot down 8 planes, lost 15, destroyed 5 tanks.

Germany: shot down 8 planes, lost 12, didn't destroy any tanks.


The 8-8 score doesn't really express the intensity of the air combat that happened. As written above, many low-altitude duels ended in spins or crashes, without assigning a kill to anyone.

Below is a bunch of photos from the second battle and a link to Splawik_pl's video from the whole event.








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