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Heavy cruiser "Kako" armament


Hello, i posted here, because subforum about heavy cruisers does'nt exist (yet).

I found 2 bugs in this ship:


1. Heavy cruiser "Kako" have wrong describe caliber of main artillery.

She carries a gun 20 cm / 50 3rd Year Type No. 1, whose caliber was 200mm, while in the game the projectiles are described as 203mm.


rest of description projectiles parameters (except caliber): weight, weight, etc., are OK.

2. The ship in 1932 did not have 25mm type 96 AA-guns, only two double 13.2mm AA-machineguns (Japanese version of the French Hotchkiss) - just like the destroyer "Fubuki"


25mm type 96 AA-guns could not installed on "Kako", because they entered service only in 1936 (in 1934 Japan bought for this gun a license from Hotchkiss).



"Furutaka" and "Kako", although they are sisterships, wear different main armaments. Nothing strange - "Kako" is in the game after the 1st modernization (1932), Furutaka - after the second modernization (1937-1939).

And although the "Furutaka" guns are called (correctly) 20 cm / 50 3rd Year Type No. 2 (development version No.1), their actual caliber was equal to 8 inches (203mm). Here in the description of projectiles everything is OK.




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