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List of Previously Suggested Ideas - World War Mode (Please Check Before Creating A New Suggestion!)


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A reference archive of previously suggested threads related to World War Mode. This thread is a document for everyone to see and check before they create a double post on an already discussed idea.


IMPORTANT: If you find something previously suggested/discussed that is not on this list and should be, please PM the Suggestion Moderators and let them know!


To make is easier to find a suggested item, use the Ctrl+F function to quickly locate something!



9aPhBxi.png World War Mode 9aPhBxi.png




  • Ability to create Battle Groups y00IWaz.png SbYRK5D.png
  • Add WWM operations in "Custom Battles" with custom configurations【 Suggestion
  • Arcade and Realistic mode cohesion y00IWaz.png SbYRK5D.png



  • Expand the campaign "Battle of Vitebsk"【 Suggestion
  • Expanded World War Mode - Global Conquest y00IWaz.png SbYRK5D.png
  • Improved rewards for WW Commanders【 Suggestion
  • Improving WWM experience for Squadrons【 Suggestion
  • Introduction Video y00IWaz.png SbYRK5D.png
  • Make spawn a camp headquarters【 Suggestion


  • New Game Mode: Attack/Defend the Airport【 Suggestion
  • New markers system y00IWaz.png SbYRK5D.png
  • Operation Courageous Scenario【 Suggestion
  • Paradropping Units【 Suggestion


  • Real-time weather y00IWaz.png SbYRK5D.png
  • Regulate player numbers per battle by extra vehicle percentage【 Suggestion
  • Remove arcade spotting y00IWaz.png SbYRK5D.png
  • Remove random assignment of vehicles y00IWaz.png SbYRK5D.png
  • Shifting Squad Ranks & Battle Kicking【 Suggestion
  • Smoke Barrage y00IWaz.png SbYRK5D.png
  • Use a Room system for operations【 Suggestion
  • World War Convoy mode MT-LB for Cold War Soviet Convoys【 Suggestion
  • World War mode in Simulator mode【 Suggestion
  • WW alternative history scenario: Pearl of the OrientSuggestion





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