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Fixing unbalanced player numbers per battle in WWM

As of now there does not seem to be anything to regulate player numbers per battle, and this always ends with the Soviet team having much more players as they do have more players in general.


My suggestion is to calculate the percentage of extra vehicles one team has and allow for that to be replicated in player numbers, for exemple:

  • team A has 50 vehicles avalible for the battle
  • team B has 60 vehicles avalible for the battle

Therefore team B can have up to 17%~ more players in the battle it would not make sense for team A to have more players (my math is not very good so correct me if i am wrong its 17.2% but roundig the number is better imo)


Now the calculation will have to be done on a fixed number becouse 17% of different player numbers will give different results (aka 17% of 4 players is 0.68% therefore giving the other team no player advantage) so lets say it calculates the percentage on 20 as its the maximum player number.


So if team A has 12 players, team B can have 3 more players (17% of 20 is 3.4% but is has to be rounded ofc)


The player number on the team that has more vehicles is dependent on the player number on the team that has less vehicles 

  • players can't joit team B if team B already has 3 players in advantage
  • players will always be able to join team A as they have less players but they will never be able to have more players then team B (less or equal player numbers)
  • if the player numbers are equal then players can't join team A but they can joit team B for a maximum of 3 extra players


Several other games and other gamemodes for WT already use a similar system where there is only 1 extra player allowed per team, my suggestion is basicly to calculate the difference in the amount of vehicles giving the commanders and players a more predictible battle experience (if a commander sends loads of vehicles to a battle he should expect to have a number superiority)


I am not american so forgive my English, correct me if i am wrong on anything, i really want this gamemode to work and i am hopefull for the future of WT :)


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6 hours ago, SvenTheFree said:

To attract more players to the nations with less players increase percentage of gains increase in sl's and rp's  (players locked Nation/faction).




   I'm assuming the winning side also gets a bonus like in random battles currently  (I may be wrong about that ).     How would you communicate to the player in the interface, which nation/faction gets the SL / RP Bonus?   And how large would the bonus need to be to entice them play against superior numbers?


  Some people enjoy playing the underdog and some people don't ....

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There's just no point in granting one team the "strategic" advantage (higher number of vehicles to spawn) if it's actually outnumbered in terms of players, and therefore the enemy can steadily hold the tactical advantage by deploying many more vehicles at anytime. 

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