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READ BEFORE POSTING - Looking for a Squadron Section Guide & Information

This guide is here to help newcomers or vets alike become familiar with this section, it's intended purpose and other general information about the Squadrons and Looking for a Squadron section.

If you need specific help, please feel free to PM a member of the Staff


What's this section for?

The Looking for a Squadron section is meant for players who are actively looking to join a squadron.


This section is not for squadron advertisements.

For squadron advertisements and recruiting ad threads, please visit and post in the Squadrons section. Moderators will redirect and move posts who's purpose is to advertise their squadron out of this section, should they be placed here, but we strongly encourage each user to keep this in mind before posting here.


I'm looking to join a squadron and I want to create a post here. What information should I include?

Keeping it simple and clear will give squadron recruiters the best chance of knowing who you are and what you're specifically looking for. Generally, here's some info which could be useful, and what you should include in your topic:

  • Modes you play (AB/RB/SB)
  • Type of vehicles you like playing the most (Air/Ground/Navy)
  • Preferred nations (USA, Germany, etc)
  • Preferred game servers (NA / EU / RU / SA)
  • Your age (Some squadrons do have age requirements or limits set in place by those who run the squadron)
  • Preferred language (This would be useful to those who may communicate in languages other than English)
  • Preferred controller type (Mouse + Keyboard, Joystick, Controller/Gamepad, Etc)
  • Timezone / available playing times (Sometimes more active and squadron battle based squadrons will look for this information)
  • Preferred communication platform (Teamspeak, Discord, Skype, etc.. this information is useful for anyone, especially when communication is key in a game like War Thunder)


Other Information

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