[] [Closed/Failed to reply] Cannot move tail/read gunner on a vertical axis

Hello guys,


I submitted a ticket and was asked to post here; As the title suggest, I cannot move my rear/tail gunner fully on any 2-seater aircraft (Dive bombers etc.) for all factions. I can only move the gunner in a horizontal axis but not vertically, vertical movement is limited to about 5 degrees movement.


This renders my tail gunner useless. This is not a problem with any bombers with multiple turrets, just 2-seater aircraft. Problem persists in Test Flight & PVP games. 


I have tried resetting my controls to default but that didn’t resolve the issue unfortunately. Also please note this is not the account I have the problem with (untested), it is my Xbox account Kainzisback, I couldn’t sign in with that account for some reason. Thanks for your assistance!


version is

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Thread Closed, OP failed to reply.


@Tebbett Thank you for making a report, we have to close this thread as you failed to reply with a time frame.

Please make a new report if the issue persists.



Tech Mod Team

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