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The ultra simulation

Hello pilots and tankers camarads :salute:

I'm here to present a gamemode suggest: the ultra simulation


To make it simple, this would consist in a combined sim battle, but with a much bigger tactical side, as the realism:


- Battles would take place in airplane maps, in enduring confrontation.

- Tanks will have to drive severals kilometers to fight, the spawn would looks like a military base with the good equipment of the period and the good side.

- Tanks and planes would correspond to the good period and place: Sherman over panther/tiger 1 in Normandy and ( a lot of) p-47 over bf 109 g-10, t-34 over panzer IV f1 and bf 109f vs lagg during the Battle of Moscow, for example.

- Tank's barrel would be solid, it would not be possible to turn it threw the houses.

- Obligatory vocal chat, but I'm not sure about that. :dntknw:

- Not russian/english mixing so.

- I'm not sure too, but an organizational would be created for the battle with, for example, several squads, a commander by squad, and a General.

- The numerical differences of the time would be respect (in the limits of the reasonable, story to not have to fight 36 t-34 in a Tiger I :018:)

- Implantation of the AI, with, for example, waves of bombers at the historical alt ( b-17 at 6k meters over Essen in 1945 :p:, or to better restore the myriads of t-34 or of shermans)

- Infantry, of course


I know that a topic was showing the planes's map quality for playing tanks, but I don't have the permission to see it :dntknw:


So, here are some screenshots took by myself, in a moded training session:






This is what the menu would looks like (sorry fot the paint quality) :947657918_shot2019_03_0620_38_10.thumb.j


Edit: sorry for the mistakes,I'm french ;) )

shot 2019.02.23 21.01.19.jpg

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France, 22th may, 1940:


Germans have push french lines, and circle allied troops came to save Belgium.

Everywhere on the region occur self-timer fights, trying to slow down the German invasion.

Your mission is to counter attack.


It made a long times that you play in this game, when a new objective appears:


You go from your base, defended by AT guns of 47mm, AA guns. Somes soliders guard the the main. On the rood, an identification flag:



You are driving you B1 bis, with your squad, in route to the front:




After severals minutes of road, you inderstand that you are not anymore far away of you objective, because you start to receivre shoots from german AT gun, happily for you ineffective on your glorious tank.

You finally see the barn, up of the coast that you have to capture:



The fight will be fierce...

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This is the area for making custom localisations (translating game to a new language, or otherwise changing in-game text). 


Going on how it seems like this section gets maybe one visitor every two years you would be way better off posting this somewhere else. I would suggest either the ground battles area or similar battles area.

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