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How does SPAA RADAR work?

I still dont know how to use the Radar with Gepard correctly.


Currently, my results are random and confusing.

That lead even to some discussion on clan-TS yesterday.


My understanding so far of the Gepard:

There are two Radar-Systems. 

The Search-Radar, the big rotating dish, and the Fire-control Radar, the small "dish" between the guns.


Now there are two modes: Tracking (ALT-T) and Lock-on (ALT-F).


If I "track" a target, there are two small paralell lines around the dot on the Radar and on top of the screen the direction marker has two lines as well.

I think it is done by the Search-Radar.

Sometimes the target can break Radar-LOS due to flying too low or too high or behind an obstacle (mountain, hill).


If I manage to "lock on" to a target, wich is done to my understanding with the fire-control radar, I get a green square marker with distance and aim circle and the view is automatically switched to zoom mode and starts following the traget.


Then there is the old targeting with the lead marker.


Now my problem is to achieve the "Lock-On" in a consistent way.


What is the purpose of "tracking" mode?

From my days playing Falcon 4.0, I barely remember it is a kind of mixed mode where you still scan for other targets, but you get more priority for the tracked target. This will give you more exact values of speed and course.

So far for the Gepard, I found no use for it.


How to "Lock-On"?

So far my understanding was, that I have first to track a traget and then lock on to it.

But I tried without this tracking and I managed sometimes to get a lock on as well.

My problem is this "sometimes" and why I cant lock on even having a clear LOS.

Even when I get the old lead marker, I cant lock on to the target consistently.

Is it a bug or is it me?


How to do it?


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Ok, I found out how it works:


Forget "tracking", it is not required.


You need LOS. 

Basicly, if you can see the target through Sniper View, you can lock on.


The range when you can lock on depends on the "size" of the target.


e.g.: I managed to lock on IL-28 at a range of 6600m

Helis at ca. 4000m.

Warning: They can shoot ATGMs at you even before that.


Every single bit of obstruction of LOS will break lock!


Antennas (big ones), Rocks and I say even trees will break lock.

I have not tested trees deliberately but I will have an eye for it, because I have the feeling they do break lock.



How to lock on:


In Sniper-View:

Point the center crosshairs over the target and press your keybind (default: ALT-F).

Good for distant and slow moving targets. Safe method.


In 3rd person:

Point the inner circle over the target and press your keybind.

For near and fast moving targets. Difficult to do.

You can miss or break lock if the auto-follow kicks in and if you move your mouse in that moment.


The radar lead indicator, green small circle, appears in the moment the target gets into gun range. For Gepard this is ca. 4000m.


Resist to shoot at max range!


Please fellow Gepards, dont shoot at max range.

The target gets an early warning and can avoid your shots.

Additional the ammo selfdestructs at max range.

And worse, they may shoot at you.


Another tip:

Still use the old targeting.

If the lock breaks, you still may have the old lead indicator, not as precise but better than nothing.




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