Update 25.06.2013 (

  • New economy. Advantages and disadvantages of two previous models have been taken into account


1. Prices for buying new planes, modifications, specializations  reduced
2. Battle trophies introduced. This is an additional reward that may be received after battle in AB, HB, FRB.
3. Chance of receiving a battle trophy depends on your performance in battle, time spent in the air and number of players in game session.
4. After-battle calculation of damage dealt to a plane is changed, now more parameters are taken into account, thus making calculation significantly more precise.
5. Repair costs for some planes increased. For certain planes repair costs were reduced.
6. Rewards for actions in battle have not been changed, Which means that a plane with 100% reward ratio in new economy will receive the same reward as a plane with 100% reward ratio in old economy. Reward ratio changed for some planes, some increased, some reduced, 

  • Squadron sorting in leaderboards in HB/FRB  fixed.
  • Number of players in Squadron leaderboards added.
  • DM for Ki-45 fixed.
  • Many client crashes issues fixed.
  • New personal skin for Tempest added.


You may find detailed information about changes in prices here.



You may discuss the news here.

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