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Mercenary or all Nations line for GF?

I came back to this game after a year off basically and really enjoy PC graphics over the fiasco that is PS4 console. 

But anyway, i look at the Italian and French line and they seem so watered down and boring with the occasional but few highlight. More Shermans is super boring and it's hard to build a decent BR lineup. 

Italians are similar and more Shermans are in Japan also.. :-(


Why don't you spend some time on a all nations/mercenary line that could bring some more dynamic gameplay with Snipers and Brutes from the Swedes, A Chec tank or two, Israeli Merkava/Cent/Shot versions, Australian, Chinese T-x variants and maybe reconsider re-rolling French and Italy into it? 


You would have plenty to flesh out and to properly build it out rather than trying to shoe-in a oddball tank (Israel for example) into a Brit or US TT which doesn't really need more build out but certainly the other trees do. I really have no reason to try another TT at this point unless i want the odd autoloader in French or idk in Italian. Seems to me doing it in a combined fashion would allow you to gain more players and then once saturated break them out into individual countries. I understand the patriotic nature of individual players but the trees are sparse and the Dev time inbetween upgrades take to long to populate. 

medal medal medal medal medal

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