[Feedback] Disappearing tank

Hi guys,

         XBOX 1

         Version 1.85.0152

         Map Fulda

         Issue:   Tank which deployed smoke then disappeared from view after smoke cleared. Tank was well within rendering and view range distances of my tank.


Detail       While playing of Fulda I came across an STRV 81 unaware of my presence about 200-300 M away and below, between the A and B caps. After I hit the guy, he deployed smoke so I waited for it to clear. When the smoke cleared his tank disappeared, so I assumed someone else had hit him through the smoke, and he's died. However despite disappearing you can see he is still able to deploy more smoke (rather quickly?) and then use his MG to create a dust cloud. I wasn't aware of that when playing! After moving on, thinking he was dead, the guy then kills me. Please see attached video.





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Hello @flatslide


From what I can tell, the tank in your video is more then 200-300m it's more then 1Km from playing that map often and sitting in that sniper spot. It's roughly 1200, 1500m depending where you are in that zone.

Please also be aware, the disappearing tank is more of your crew's skill rank, lower the crew score the less distance you can see.

Can you please tell me the crew level and ranks of your crew slot?

(pictures will be easier instead of writing in my opinion.)

I've played with low level crews and i can tell you that low level crew with low ranking skills have harder time making tanks visualize, and when they fire you'll be able to seem them for a few moments they the tank will vanish after a couple seconds, as what i can tell from your video, it's that same thing what I have described.


That being said, thank you for taking the time to record and make a bug report and helping improve the game. All feedback and reports are read and noted and are greatly appreciated.

I'll leave this open for a week awaiting your reply, and/or if other's have the same issue with higher ranking crews, etc.


Cheers :salute:

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Hi Blackheart, many thanks for the feedback. looking in more detail at the clip and WT wiki for Fulda, I think we may both be slightly in error. First it's me in the STRV and the other guy is an IS 3. The smoke is my own smoke round fired in error! Next, wiki has the map scale at 4Km square, and it's split into 10 grid squares for scale (400M each). My firing position is in the village in the bottom right corner of grid 4D. The IS3 is in the top left corner of the same square, 4D, just to the right of the A cap. As the IS 3 disappears I'm just about to fire, and you can see the gun sight reticle graduations are at 400 M at the tank centre mass. So I think a more accurate figure is actually 400 M. (ish) 

I'll screen shot my crew skills and respond by tomorrow (working right now), but am pretty sure all my premium crews have full skill for view range. 


Thanks again :salute:

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Hi @flatslide Thank you for your replies, and images.

I will leave this thread open for 7 days from this message to see if any one else encounters the same error.

I will also try to replicate this issue in the meantime.

Thank you for your time in making a report out, all reports are greatly appreciated and looked over.


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