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26/2/19 Mosquito F.B.VI missing "Uncle Tom" rockets

"Uncle Tom" rocket was an 11.5in (29.8cm) diameter, 9ft (2.74m) long, 1060lbs weight rocket projectile, powered by a sextet of 3in (7.6cm) rocket motors.



It was intended to equip the Sea Mosquito Mk.37. And it was tested on an Avenger aircraft and equipped on a Mosquito F.B.VI (No. RF. 899).



The Mosquito could carry two 1060lbs "Uncle Tom" rockets under either the fuselage or the wings.

(The RP3 rocket got one 3in rocket motor and a 60lbs warhead, the "triplex RP 180lb"180lbrp.jpg.6595872d5083f732d0369d745571 (http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/Fury/Sea_Fury_Hawker.pdf) on Seafury got three 3in rocket motors434908642_6.3.180lbRP.jpg.077c590de667fb and a 180lbs warhead1264917869_6.4.180lbRP(2).jpg.f67aae4399(https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/272413-missing-payloads-for-british-aircraft/). 

So the "Uncle Tom" MAY POSSIBLY got a 360lbs warhead with its six 3in rocket motors.)




AIR_65_286_012.thumb.jpg.4a81aa97bbae5c5*under the wings


frombook2.jpg.10156215be2c9b8b8d14fc3c12*under the fuselage


All the flying performance of the Mosquito F.B.VI with two "Uncle Tom"s under the wings that can be used to modify the FM in the game could be found here:



Mosquito VI cockpit with "Uncle Tom" installation: (but I think that it may not be necessary to model it in the game)




Sources and full pages:

1. http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C2152448

AIR 65/286AIR_65_286_001.thumb.jpg.606454e738b230eAIR_65_286_007_lite.thumb.jpg.75bd3c5080


2. British Secret Projects Hypersonics, Ramjets & Missiles   © Chris Gibson and Tony Buttler, 2007

ISBN(10) 1 85780 258 6

ISBN(13) 978 1 85780 258 0



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Thank you for your report. 


We will investigate and come back at you shortly.



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Your Bug Report is submitted.


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If you wish to add extra information to the report, please send them to a Technical Moderator, mentioning this report and with the documents attached.


In the eventuality of any further need for information, you will be contacted by Private Message.


Thank you for helping us improving the game.



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