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Hey guys. In this Suggestion article i will try to convince you why the ETS. ( Elevated Tow System ) would be a cool addition to War Thunder due to gameplay and the interesting history off the program.

I will mainly focus on the M113 variant. However i will make brief shoutouts to the other vehicle hull variants that can be considered canon to the M113 that also used the turrets in test trails since the other vehicles was also tested with the different turrets from the ETS program!

I will also only go into the specification off the Danish M113 since that is the hull the ATGM turrets usally was installed on and wish to see ingame. :)





The Elevated Tow System program was created by the company Falck-Schmidt A/S in cooperation with Raytheon, GM Delco Defense Systems and Indra EWS S.A as an ATGM missile carrier able to fire from a complete hull down position thanks to its elevating turret.


In 1998 the Danish army started to test the ealy platforms on the M113 APC, and determined that the tests of the platform was a succes. It had the ability to fire the ATGM in Rapid succesion with its 4 or 2 tube Tow launchers and further test on other vehicle platforms was also going to be tested.




( Video of the reconnaissance version off the mast "spoiler". ) 




Falck-Schmidt Defence Systems was mainly focusing on creating the elevation systems which in the diffirent variants worked like a crane that was elevating the turret upwards or downwards. It wasnt just meant to just be a weapons station. It was also meant for radars, scouting and other military applications!

Foreign companies was helping to provide the different TOW,s and targeting Sights for the turret system.

through out the programs lifetime other hulls other than the M113 such as the Piranha, the LAV and other simular hulls was also tested since the Danish military was at the time trying to find a replacement for the aging M113s since they have been used since the 1960s.


( Pictures off the launchers on the Piranha APC "spoiler". )




( APC contest in Denmark very brief overview with pictures "spoiler". )


In the APC contest it was decided that the Piranha-5 and the CV90 was gonna replace the old M113 and was going to become the next APC for the Danish military.

The Piranha-5 is going to come in 6 different variants Infantry, Ambulance, Commandstation, Engineer, Recovery and Motar carrier.




However everything wasnt going as well as intended. Falck-Schmidt A/S was having Financial issues and by 2017 the company filed for bankruptcy. Future company sales was moved to other companies like Hydrema.

What else happened to the ETS program became a mystery.





The vehicle is multi chassis and uses an elevated TOW-2A or TOW-2B ATGM with 4 or 2 tube launchers to destroy targets from a hull down position.

The elevator is known to lift the ATGM up to 6.5 meters above ground level can fire all ATGM at once and can reload them in under 60 seconds

the vehicle hull is usally the M113. However the launcher can also be installed to the Warrior, Piranha, Stryker and other similar platforms.

The M113 variant is know to have protective side skirts and holds at least 16 TOW,s in the ammo rack for reload.

The elevator is fully stabilized and turns 360 degrees. The crew of the Vehicle is Driver, Gunner and Comander.



Though be noted that the M1134 Stryker variant of the 2 tube Turret only elevates 0.5 up from the hull unlike the original 4x and 2x TOW tube launcher.


( Specifications from both Falck-Schmidt A/S and General Dynamics off the M1134 Stryker. "spoiler" )




Protection Specifications off the Danish M113

The danish variant both with or without the turrets from the ETS program is mostly a basic M113.


It has the same 38mm thick frontal plate in the front added with the extra aluminium alloy.

There is the possibility to add smoke launchers to the front side of the M113 however there is no documentations found of that was going to be the case with the TOW launcher installed.


( Smoke launchers on a Danish M113 without the TOW launcher "spoiler". )




The side armour is the same 44mm plate as with any other M113. However there can be installed Spalling shields to the side of the APC.

There is even the possibillity to install Cage/Slat armour with the Spalling shield. But again there is not found documentations of that it could be the case 


( Spalling and Cage armour off the Danish M113 "spoiler". )





Other M113 Specifications

The Danish M113,s engine is the V8-cylinder Chrysler petrol/diesel engine.

Its Horsepower is 209 at 4000 rpm and 210 at 2800 rpm.

Its transmission is the 6 speed Allison TX 200-2A and 3-speedAllison TX 100-1.

It has a 2-speed Transfer case.

It has mechanical brakes.

It can run at speed of 65 to 70 km/h.

Crew 3 Driver, Gunner and Comander.




Well i hope you like my suggestion if there is any way i can improve this article please let me know since it is the first time i make such a big post :)


( notes on sourcing the tank suggestion "Spoiler". )


When i was going throughout the web it appears that much off the ETS program still remains classified. I was not able to find much info of how the elevator/crane worked and what materials it was using internaly.

It was not possible to find out how the internal structure of the M113 ETS other than it was able to hold 16 ATGM,s as reload.

I belive that the M113 with the ETS launchers does not have an official name other than ETS-Testing which is why im calling it the "M113 ETS".



http://www.armyvehicles.dk/trials.htm ( main source )


http://www.armyvehicles.dk/ets_m113.htm ( main source )


http://www.armyvehicles.dk/m113family.htm ( main source )


http://usa.um.dk/en/news/newsdisplaypage/?newsid=5d66f56d-36ec-4696-a8e6-f426c9dc0e72 ( Danish Ministry of Forign Affairs article on the Falck-Schmidt A/S Default )


http://krigeren.dk/piranha-5-fakta/ ( article in "danish only" )


https://www.fyens.dk/erhverv/Efter-konkurs-i-Falck-Schmidt-Kaempe-ordre-er-tabt-for-fynsk-firma/artikel/3205113  ( article in "danish only" )


http://www.fmi.dk/materiel/materiel-paa-vej/piranha5/Pages/forside.aspx ( Danish Defence Ministry on the Piranha-5 APC in "danish only" )


http://www.army-guide.com/eng/firm.php?printmode=1&firmID=1370 ( Source articles of the ETS Program )


https://www.gdls.com/products/stryker-family/stryker-atgm.php ( General Dynamics comments on the ATGM for the Stryker )





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