The techtree introduced by the OP is those threads are imo well thought out and have enough tanks and aircrafts in them to make a techtree.


I would love to see swedish techtree and drive the door stop tank strv103B :D


I have seen some people being sceptical about the Kranvagn heavy tanks, but as i see it it is like the maus.

It was never 100% finished but had the hull made and tested with a mockup turret that resebled the turret weight.

Bildresultat för kranvagn turret

Similar as how the maus were tested.

Bildresultat för maus test turret


We have the numbers on how the turret would behave and how thick armour it would have plus the cannons.

So i don't see a problem having kranvagn tank in the game.



Plus as the way i see it, world of tanks did take the first step into introducing the swedish techtree into a tank game.


The swedish techtree prooved to be popular enough.

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