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obj268 cannot be in 7.3

Its a massive tank destroyer with armour that cannot defend it against anything frontally.

Its profile is like a 2 story building with only 100mm armour completely flat with ammo storage fitted against the walls instead of the floor, so missing the ammunition is a hard feat to achive.


every tank from 5.7 up can penetrate its massive weakspot frontally.


Weakspot 1:  This is flat 187mm cast homogenus armour that has the gunner commande and ammunition behind it.

The effective thickness of the armour is about 181mm which is actuarly weaker than the Tiger II H turret front at 6.7, but some ammunition is experiencing the thickness to be even lower.

Like the Obus de Rupture AP that french use, it experiences the armour to be about 176mm thick, which will make the post pen damage of these pure ap shells even more devestating because solid AP post pen damage rely on being able to punsh thtrough the armour with a marginal.

A successfull penetration in this area is 100% likely to knock out the gunner, and has a fair amount of chance to kill the commander too and/or cook of the ammo.


The entire tank is a walking ammorack, this makes the tank very easy to ohk.


2: This is a small weakspot, but still can be penetrated by everything with above 70mm penetration, so even some spaa can get a lucky shot in there.


3: These are the joinings of two plates, but for some reason the armour value drops with about 100 over here, high pen apds and early heat-fs can easily penetrate here.


The gun is absolutely massive and will easily be knocked out for at least 30s and force this tank to retreat, if it can.


obj268 lack neutral steering and is a b***h to turn if needed.

Vertical gun guidence is bad, you have to turn your entire tank if you want to aim for something just slightly to the sides, which only adds to the pain of the lack of neutral steering.


And before someone says that the usual ap and aphe ammunition does not pen nr 1 weakspot, i fokused mainly on the apcr ammunition.

The apcr ammunition may be bad and underpreform, but that is only against angled armour (and maybe post pen damage), this is a flat piece of armour that the apcr round can melt through and deal its full potential damage in.

No matter how we look at it, a successfull penetration on weakspot region 1 will allways result in at least a dead gunner.


All tanks at 7.0 can and will penetrate the weakspot region 1 with stock ammo from least 700m.


Namnlös2.pngLoads of ammoracks.

Namnlös3.pngLoads of ammoracks.

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But can you imagine that 152mm hardbass launcher can overmatch even 150mm armor plate from King Tiger?


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On 11/01/2019 at 14:15, Turra said:

I can imagine, but i cannot see it happen :D

Timespamp is actually 25:00.


Object 268 is a victim of HEAT-fs and compression but it can be quite handy and fun to play ;)

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