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Full name of the vehicles affected



Detailed description of the problem

The AMX-10RC has currently 5 forward gears and 2 reverse gears and is much slower in reverse (-33 km/h vs +85km/h); see Spoiler 1 shot on the tarred road of the Poland map



Currently in the game: 5 gears going forward and 2 going backward



In real life, the AMX-10RC had the very same 4 gears going forward and backward as it was equipped with an inverseur de marche (forward/reverse shuttle or switch; literally: "gear inverter"). See Spoiler 2.





On the relevant page 3, in the "Transmission et direction" ("Transmission and steering") section, one can read:
"1 boîte de vitesse à 4 rapports (dont 3 synchronisés) commandés manuellement après avoir été présélectionnés et 1 inverseurdemarche"
"1 gearbox with 4 gears (3 synchronized) activated manually after being preselected and 1 forward/backward switch (literally: "gear inverter")


Reference: Présentation de matériels de l’Armée de Terre, Section technique de l’Armée de Terre, Etat-major de  l’Armée de Terre (Octobre 1984); Presentation of some equipment of the Ground Army, Technical section of the Ground Army, Ground Army Staff (October 1984; page 3 is the relevant one)



Fix of the problem

Give to the AMX-10RC the very same 4 gears and speed forward and backward and optimize the speeds for changing gears to give the AMX-10RC decent acceleration and mobility properties which it does not have currently in-game (the too soft suspension being another reason for that).

Clog: 2018_12_24_21_43_57__1480.clog

Thanks to @Auto_tracking for providing the main reference (and many others)

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