the ammunition dilemma (AP, EP, EPS, etc...)

Gaijin for now has been tight lipped about italian ammunition, except for saying that they have a lot of explosive filler, but there hasn't been anything on the other shells

whe have seen AP and EPS on the P40, ap (even if it's the wrong one) sport low-to-decent penetration and nuclear warhead damage, EPS mediocre penetration...
but what about anti air HE (they did use manual fuze, and often used it as anti tank by removing the fuze, they just lobbed he as solid ap), and, mostly important EP shells, that could give the italian TT an interesting flavour (and the long awaited HESH rework)?
for those who don't know, EP where a sort of home made proto HESH
Cappellano say that those shells had a squashing effect, like the modern HESH, that removed the internal part of the armor and sprayed it in the crew compartment. He noted that the design was not from german experience and that the munroe effect was already knew in the industry

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