[fwd 03.12.2018] B1 bis / B1 ter wrong 75 mm cannon operator

Platform PS4

Version -


Char de bataille B1 bis

Char de bataille B1 ter


Happens in all game modes


Both the B1 bis and B1 ter's operator for the 75 mm Casemate cannon is the Machine gunner / Gunner at the right of the vehicle, once there is 2 crew members left in the vehicle, the 75 mm Cannon remain unusable.


This is not correct, the operator of this cannon wasn't the Machine gunner but the Driver itself, he had to Drive and also use the cannon.


Once there is 2 crew members left the 75 mm remain unusable :



This is the optic of the 75 mm casemate cannon, as you can see it is in the Driver's side not the Machine gunner ( Loader actually ). The Elevation and Drive mechanism of the 75 mm Cannon is also in the Driver's side :






Once there is 2 crew members left in the machine, both cannons should remain usable.



Here is a YouTube Video, the man also says that the Driver was the Cannon operator in the casemate




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Thank you for the report and helping to improve War Thunder


The information has been submitted to the developers for further review, and this thread will be left open for 7 days in case the developers have additional questions.




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